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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Love love love these videos, thanks for sharing!

Oh thank you. I felt my heart opening when he started talking. So much to be learned and loved with someone who sees the world as he does. Quiet joy.

Oh, I happened to be there!
We went to Hamburg in 2012 over Easter and I was wondering what kind of exhibition there is at Deichtorhallen - and there was Saul Leiter. The first time I came across. And I loved his pictures he took with my fav. camera - LEICA. And I specially loved his journals!!! That was so inspiring. I only did know little about art journals and for the first time I saw some in an exhibition. It was great!!! After over 2 years I still talk about this experience.

This was a wonderful glimpse into a creative person's life and perspective on life. Love his photos! I will surely show them to my 14 yr old budding photographer daughter. Is it me or do you picture Jack Nicholson playing him in the film version (it's his voice!)?

Wow, I am impressed , amazed and delighted with this soulful character. Oh to have a good ole beer with him. That you Mary Ann

Well isn't he just wonderful! what a delight to hear him speak. He has an Andy Warhol quality about him, I think ;-)

What wonderful photographs, and what an interesting person. I saw ideas for several paintings there and then I just gaped at some of them and thrilled at the eye that produced them.

and just think,he's one of ours!

What an insightful and cool vid Mary Ann. He's a character for sure and as they shared some of his work I was thrilled that I recognized several shots. Great way to kick start my day.

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