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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Congratulations to you in being on the bleeding edge of the mixed media art world with Sketchbookery - clearly the demand is overwhelming and you are capturing it's zeitgeist. Huzzah!! I'm so glad the class is turning out to be smokin' ay chihuaha hot-in-demand (and that I've already registered ;-)

Thanks for the smack in the head...don't know why I leave things until the last minute! The story of my life. The cabin in the mountains looks so nice. You get to visit some fabulous places.

Can you see my knee bouncing up and down with nervous energy while I (try very hard to) wait patiently for the start of Sketchbookery? I am almost vibrating in anticipation. I had to sooth myself by making cherry cordial. Good thing there is lots to put up, can, preserve right now or I'd be on the ceiling, keening softly....

XO from you Edmonds Excited Chimp

Plates, birds, ice cream, company, atmosphere - I'll take the entire package, thank you. Looks most delightful/delovely! xoDonna

I need those plates.
Ta ta for now xx

Totally lookin' forward to when the class doors open swing wide and we all tumble in for the fun. My ducks got themselves in a row just in time. I am excited. I'm spending a few wee moments wanderin' in your photos, if I squint and count to 3 I can almost feel the sea breeze and mist from the waves on my face...your photos are wonderfully transportive...my magic-vacation-on-a-dime machine. LOve, love your photos. Those plates are a delight.

What a place! You really know how to find some heavenly hideaways.

I am poretty sure that the second bird on the right of the gorgeous funky hooked birds, is a Pukekco... a very col NZ native bird that moves a bit like a roadrunner!

Forgot to say - thanks for the Carp hit. I needed that.

Sketchbookery site is looking good. Definitely looking forward to this.

I am so glad I am in now, I finally did something early!! Your blog just inspires me to no end, and if I close my eyes I am there with you too! Your photography, the scenery, the art, it's all dreamy!

Thanks for the nudge. I've been procrastinating for no good reason but don't want to wait until December so I'm in - can't wait!!

Mary Ann thank you so much for letting us know there will be an opportunity to take "Sketchbookery" later this year. My summer is so crazy busy there was no way to take your class right now and make it meaningful. Will be looking forward to joining you in Dec....can't wait!

I love those plates and also those birds!

I'm glad I've already made my suscription. I know this is going to be a hard challange for me with the english, but I'm looking for the 1st july.

Phew MaryAnn. My heart jolted there for a minute until I read that we can join later. It will be a good gift to myself in Dec. I will look forward to it.

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