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Sunday, June 01, 2014


Wherever you're heading, that is one beautiful beach. Have fun, laugh, giggle, snort, paint, eat, drink, whatever it takes. :)

Your photo of the coast is beautiful!

oh - and have great trip with sister

just got home today - from a beautiful trip to Italy.
so happy for you, that everything is working out well.
ofcourse I'm going to sign up for the new class.
My daughter is joining me this time - yeaahh

Oh so happy the entire transformation is working for you MAM! So sorry I can't join your class - so busy painting I can't believe it! Enjoy - I know everyone will - you have to be the on line class Queen -- simply THE BEST. Have fun relaxing. xoDonna

I don`t remember where I read that you could give us an option for two payments for your course...
And I forgot what I was supposed to put in the "subject"...
Also, could you give me your e mail adress, because I can`t do it with the link on top...
Thanks a lot!!!!

This is a beautiful picture

Pleased as summer punch that all is well over at Moss cottage, grand central for all that is good and right with the world or at least your corner of it...no matter what is happenin here I know you are a quick click away. Sooooooo excited about the new class, will be signin' up soon, we're painting bedrooms and moving stuff around at the mement so chaos is the best word to describe my world...BUT once the dust settles, things are all back in their homes and I can think straight..I'll be joinin the crowd. :)

Dear Mary Ann,
I've been offline for quite a while 'cuz my laptop is giving up on me. Today I decided to give it a try and came to your site. I am so sorry about your mom. I know this is late but just read it today. It is two and a half years since I lost my mom, so I especially feel a tug at my heart when I hear you lost your mom, too. I still live in a bit of denial. It's those unexpected moments that get me. I see all the beautiful work that is still flooding out of you, and I think your mom must be so happy at one of her greatest artistic creations; you.
Thank you, and Much Blessings to you.
From "I Used To Be LAUSD,"

Yep. I have been hangin' by fingernails too. But able to finally check into my old haunts and was so happy to see registration was open. Signed up for two years. Can't wait to start:) And, can't wait to try the class cocktail. Do I get extra credit for citrus slicing technique?

I am IN. For those silly bunnies who are worried about the new fee schedule.....I signed up for 2 years, my cost is $00.08305 per day, yep less than one thin dime. THIS is the real thing, a bargain, a gift, time to sign up everyone!

Also, sorry that I recommended one of those other "online platforms" via email.....I am just so glad you have a great system you have developed....as a student from other previous classes.

Happy Summer to all in this part of the world....Holly

i wish i could tell my side of the story ;) suffice it to say, beavis and butthead, dumb and dumber, frick and frack trying to even discuss "code" "html" "css" as well as who knows what else...well, as genius as you are, you are funny funny funny too, especially when drinking that pumpkin ale (carol, i told her to save it for you, but there was no stopping her via facetime!) congratulations!!! you did it and it is wonderful already...can't wait until july 1!! xo

WHERE is that photo taken? I want to go to there.....NOW.

Welcome back.


Whatever you are doing, you are doing great! Will keep you in thoughts and prayers. Whatever you plan and execute--go for it. Good luck and cheers!

Durrrl! We're having a martini, dodging grasshoppies and watching the Sandias turn hot pink. My friend Susan W was given a delightful retirement party today at a sweet little spot called The Slate Street Cafe. All our ex teacher friends yakked and yakked until I thought our little room's ceiling was going to blow off. It was a sweet gathering, honoring a very gifted and creative teacher. I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds for her. Life is great in the 505, except bedtime looms and I don't have a good book started. Ideas?

I agree, you're the cat's pajamas! xo

I agree, they broke the mold when they made you, you are one in a million!!

Your awesome! Just sayin'!

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