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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I'm relieved to know your posts will still be available. I've got a lot to do with FTB and Ticket to Venice in the next year and a half! I'll miss these videos of you making and working in books ... they are such an inspiration and fun to watch!

diane - all will be migrated over to wordpress. the whole enchilada!

Will we still be able to look at your posts from nigh these ,any years even though you won't be activekply adding anything? I often go to past posts just to get uplifted, have a giggle, check out travel hints, and a myriad of other things....I would very much miss not having them anymore.

How kind and loving of you to give us 18months notice. I remember the first time I watched the ROD videos; I couldnt decide if I wanted to laugh or cry from the sheer ecstatic joy of it. I just looked through my first ROD journal and I adore it and you for making me sooooo happy. Dearest MAM, you are the most generous of humans and teachers. Thank you for all the joy you have given so much of us.

How can you close your eyes at night with that Longears staring out at you? Although, I admit, having her stuffed and mounted on the wall does provide some reassurance....:-)

Whew! Although I know 18 months will just fly by...:-)

I'm just hear to say that you are the MOST, gracious and awesome and damn amazing, trail blazing, tuchus kicking, bestest of THE BEST on-line hostess/teacher/inspiring, over-the moon person I've ever crossed paths with and giving a bunch of us ample time continue to play and romp in your playground is a sweet gift indeed. I've just given you a gigantic, sent through the wires hug, and a kiss on your nose for good measure...it's always important to give that bit of 'good measure' just so one knows how special they are. xxooxxx

PS. I'm juggling a few beach balls but I won't be missin'out on the fun in Sketchbookery, no way, not a chance...i'll be catchin up with the herd soon.

I love how organized, logic and thoughtful you are! Thanks for the head's up. I think 18 months is really quite doable!


I won't worry as long as I know there will be new classes on the horizon. Good luck in your new home on WordPress, I'll be waiting on the doorstep!

I also probably need that kick in the pants to actually do/finish the projects, but I love knowing I can just watch the videos, they're fun! I understand though - and yes, a year and a half is good notice :-)

A good kick in the pants to finish that FTB project1 :)

I panicked too! But I have lots of time and no unfinished projects. Haha. But I think I need to revisit some videos just for fun. You are very generous and fun and full of life. Still love your blog! Thanks.

I must say just a little panic did zip down my spine - however I have calmed myself now. I can make notes for future. I just got my very first Japanese Screw Punch and am very excited as I have old photograph covers and ledger covers! Want to make some for the Artisans fair here for Christmas. so excited to try it out as my awl really just was not cutting it! Thanks for your generosity MAM. Abrazos, Donna

You're the best! I was just re-watching video's in the TTV class as I think about the trip we just booked for Spain. Feeling inspired!

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