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Saturday, June 07, 2014


Great road song=Tom Waits' "Hang On St. Christopher."

Enjoy your summer!!!

Call it "tamale" jung or rice dumpling--it's delicious isn't it? SE Asian ones are usually triangular although there are oblong or square ones. They are made from glutinous(white)rice and you can add any kind of ingredients that suit your fancy. Yummy!

Congrats on a well-earned summer break, and a BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers out there!!!!

are we using eye shadow as an art supply now? looks like Revlon...

OK Mary Ann... first have a really great time on the coast....wish I was there yadda yadda yadda....do me a favor.... while your sister is sleeping... sneak in to her room and....steal that t shirt she is wearing in above picture... I want it ...OK.. or not ... just a thought... OK just kidding but I do love that t shirt. Have fun. Sharon

What a lovely time you have planned and will enjoy now that summer is here. Enjoy your trip, Moss sisters, and share when you can. We all love your adventures!

Your backyard is a vacation wonder in itself. The black paintbox reminds me of my Prang sets ( I still have mine from many many many ages ago). What brand is that black case?
I was first caught by the nifty armadillo and then I see it's on Carol's shirt.
yay for Summer Break!

The sisters Moss.... together again! I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

OOOOoooo - gotta say, that Chinese Tamale looks mighty good - might try to find a recipe. Have fun on your trip - you two are so fortunate to have each other! Can't wait to see what you get up to. hugs, Donna

Enjoy every mile and every single, awesome, amazing, uber relaxing second and don't just do what we just did, took a evening stroll around a lake, stopped and BN to wander, go into the awesome restaurant next door; Burger Jones, really good and then discover you'd left your car keys inside BN on that comfy chair whilst looking at the magazines and realize that BN is now closed and no amount of knocking on the darkened windows that someone could still be inside counting money, or doing any of those things one does while closing down a store for the night is not helping change the situation and of course the place was clear on the other side of town from where we live, luckily for us a BIL lives not too far away so loaned us his car for the back and forth trip to retrieve spare keys and then drive back to restaurant where a not so happy DH was standing guard by car so it wouldn't get towed; sign says all cars will be towed if not on premises. Yeah. Don't do that, OK? Tomorrow it's another reverse trip to get my car keys back. When we left I said we were going on an adventure so I guess we did. ;) I will be thinking of you both often!!!!!

boom shaka laka!! summer is here!


I am so jealous, but so happy for you! That tamale looks great! Yup, see you in sketchbookery, I'm gettin ready!

YAY! It's summertime, and the living is easy.

What is that cute thing that Carol is pointing at? Do I need one?

Have fun beaching.

Oh yeah.
P.S. I had the privilege of seeing Tom Waits perform at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara in 1975. I still remember that show.
See you in Sketchbookery xxxx

Woo hoo!! Yee haw!!!!
Love the pics and that Chinese tamale looks fantastic!!
First on my to-do list is play with my recently acquired DSLR + macro lens!!!!!!!!

Hey Mary Ann & Carol...Enjoy your time together & your wonderful trip up the coast! Say hi to the Pacific Ocean from me...who is stuck here in NE Ohio for now.

ENJOY....Happy Painting......and I LOVE how you LOVE life........

Heading up the coast and art supplies can only lead to adventure. Party on!

Party on to you! Enjoy your well earned summer.

Hope the trip is even better than you think it will be. Have a cocktail for me! Happy trails.....


Have a joyful time,I know you will! Do you watch Orange is the new black?
love you!

Yay! Another Moss girl adventure. Tom Waits makes a road trip superb. Happy Trails, send smoke signals.

Let the summertime fun begin!

Have a great time, Mary Ann and Carol...I know that you will!

ohhh I love those, they call them "Jung" here (hard J sound)... there is a little Asian food shop near me that makes/sells them. Might have to go get one now that I see yours! Yum!!
And have a great time with Carol as you two go on your adventures! Have a most marvelous summer break! We will be there with you vicariously (cause it would be a little too weird to have all of us crammed into your seaside cottage now wouldn't it?) LOL

Happy summer vaca. Safe trip up the coast. Toddles.


Have a great time, girls! You've gotta play this Tom Waits song as you pull onto the highway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXunos4IXDU

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