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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The western coast of the US is truly blessed with some amazing ocean scenery - it looks just magical - all of it! Happy holiday to the Moss Sisters and friends :-)

leslie - they are called cairns - stacked stones. individuals set them up, more add to it over time and there you have it. and yes they do get knocked over. but other peeps come along and make new ones. the stones are quite large and heavy and...against a cliff. ive never seen such HUGE ones before! it would take a strong wind to knock them down. there were lots of cool rock/driftwood beach art along this stretch of coast.

Okay. Those rocks. Do the tide and wind never get to them, or are they readjusted each day? Who is the world is able to do this??? Quite fab and fun to look at.

I have this deep wish that someday I can do this....walk along the ocean and just stare out in wonder and awe, ponder deep and not so deep thoughts, figure out some of the mysteries of life and just play. I adore the rocks. Folks do the same thing on the rocky shores of Lake Superior in Grand Marais way up the northern most tip of the state. In the summer they are everywhere along the shore. Many years ago we took the girls up there when they were too young to appreciate the journey but the one thing they loved most about that trip was stacking rocks. Every time I see these rock cairns or inunguaks as they are also known,I have to smile and remember that moment.

Happy to see you having fun-it is an inspiration! Enjoy -you all deserve it...and more.

Sounds {and looks} like heaven on Earth xx

What a great way to ring in the summer (or "summah" as they say here in MA!)!
Enjoy...and can't wait to see the fruits of your relaxing labor.

Shells, rocks, walks, gathering, hunting, laughing, friends together, sketching, a cocktail here and there (mostly here :o) ... What could be better! hugs, Donna

lucky ducks! Looks like heaven!

Lucky puck!!! I didn't realize this trip included, besides your adorable sister, Sharron AND Joyce! Now I am a much deeper shade of green. Truly glad you are all having fun and that June Gloom gave you a break. Continue to sketch and frolic and quaff and dine. I'll be looking for the full report when you return to Moss Cottage.

And, she said, digging just a little, when I get back from Iceland....


Great pics! What a blast it would be to have sketch-a-thons with the Moss sisters!

Beach, friends, art, flowers and the Lucky Llama Coffee House. Perfect.

Did you guys stack all those rocks or is that a feature on Joyce's beach?

Really, what could be better?

You and Sister are great playmates! Yes, the Moss Sisters "play well with others." Sorry we couldn't provide more sunshine. The clean windows were ready to let the sun shine in. Your timed sketch-a-thon was fabulous. I was certain I couldn't do what you told us to do. Then the timer was set and I DID THE THING I SAID I COULDN'T DO! Every single time! So much fun. Miss you girlies already. XxOo

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