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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Wow I just love catching up with you! It's been too long. And you're doing fabulous stuff as always- never missing a beat! xo natalea

The sight of you all bundled up against the cold on the beach in California in June is much more frightening to me than you wonderful sketches!! ;) As the other Cynthia said, your post was definitely a delightful visual feast (especially Mama Moss in the hammock!)

I, too, love the vintage photo of Mama Moss! She was a looker, alright. The whole post was a visual feast. It is so fun to go along on a virtual vacation, full of artistic stimulation.

Love, love, love that vintage image of Mama Moss in Acapulco!!!

and, please share more about that meal with all those avocados! Is that a giant nacho smothered in salsa? Or what?

That looks just like Joyce! Love it. Sharron looks....interesting.

Please share more about the felted birds I see in the pic. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Just read Mary Stanley's blog - lol! I get it now - and here was me thinking you had and actual Benjamin Bunny now in residence at Moss Cottage ;-) I totally could not have resisted this rabbit either - I hope he (or she) makes further appearances! What a wonderful ocean retreat you had, and the whack-a-doodle sketches are most reassuring re: Sketchbookery. Looking forward to it!

It's 90 here today and I am lovin every minute of it after the longest most hellish PA. winter I can remember! I am kinda afraid now after seeing those faces, but we used to always say in art school, it's no fun if it's not scary! Really can't wait!

June gloom in Iceland,too. Rain and wet and chilly, BUT oh-so-beautiful. You'd love it here!


yum to the food, yay to the wintry beach walk, wow to the fiber art! GOGOGO!

Loved mama moss in an acapulco hammock!! xox

Thank you for taking us along on your journey - I feel like I have taken a vacation - okay, well, kinda. Can't wait to get my monkey paws sketchin!

Oh yes, the June gloom. We'd be so ready for the beach, new bathing suits, new beach towels...the beach wasn't ready for us until late June/July.

You don't scare me...

The visit with friends and sister must have been loverly.

Mama Moss looks like a young Georgia O'Kieffe!

Can you update us on the adopted rabbit?

It is 90 degrees here, trade you weather and accommodations . Looks like you had a sweet 'ole time. Happy for you!

Creativity, colour, joyous creating, friendship, good food, a few drinkie poos -- it all ooooozes out of this post. What great memories you are creating living in the moment. Wonderful photo of Mama Moss in the hammock - a treasure. xoDonna

I am not afraid either! I'm super excited and looking forward to starting while exploring Oregon on vacation. Great time to start sketching, I'd say. :) LOVE that piece your sister is working on - looks like a pretty perfect time to me.

Overwhelming stimulation of the senses...all.

I'm not scared...Sketchbookery...I CAN'T wait!! (You're so funny:-)

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