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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Lucky you! Gorgeous photos. Thank you for that snowy egret photo - its Natural Geographic worthy. Ditto the tide pool photo.

Oh, lovely sketch booking! The shells are fab! The bird is a Snowy Egret...black bill, yellow slippers. I so wish I still lived in San Diego close to the beach.

Welcome home! I love visiting Carp vicariously through your posts. That pic of the mussels and sea anemones - oh, my. Also the egret. And love your sketches as always. Looking forward to Sketchbookery. I'm currently wrestling with how I can sketch and art journal with weaving and embroidery.

It always feels right when you are back at Moss Cottage. Loved the week at the shore.

Photographs that tend to make me drooooool - the crane is breath taking! Obvious had a great time - it's so good to 'get out of Dodge'. xoDonna

Love your posts, it's like being on vacation myself! Your sketchbooking is amazing....I just looooove! I am so looking forward to class!

oh but of course dahling!!

I always love the shadows you adorn your watercolor muses with - hope you mention something about that technique in Sketchbookerydoodlidoo. :).

Belatedly catching up on your posts (and Carol's) from this trip. I especially loved the sea urchins, the new journal pages, and the stacked stone cairns (in Alaska they are called inukshuk (singular) or inuksuit (plural). Thanks for sharing, as always. :)

Good times! And an amazing egret photo...xox sharron

Grrl, your sketchbook drawing is getting GREAT! woo hoo. REally nice snaps too. Thanks for the beach walk.

a 'Moss' bunny??? do tell more....peeky pics maybe. I'm delighted that you had a wonderful time, with all that and more there wouldn't be a need to whine, pout or throw any kind of a hissy fit... your pictures always capture the spirit of all that was good. I was with you in spirit, taking long walks along the beach in my mind, picking up imaginary seashells and savoring all of it...

Of course we need you our fearless leader. Pictures of le lapin please. You did bring the bunny home, didn't you??????

Sounds veddy good but wonder if Carol was really hooking a bird. On a rug? with a net? for dinner.

I'd be vrbo'ing myself except we've had San Diego weather here for a bit. Pure delight, sans the ocean.

So is the bunny an adoption traveling back to Moss Cottage with you or just someone you gave extra carrots to while hanging at the shore?

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