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Friday, May 09, 2014


I am in the same boat.... or print as you are. Typepad has definitely changed in the past few years. I used to enjoy it, but now nothing stays in format. Their suggestion is 'larger pictures' . Just wondered if you had the same problem?? I tried word press, paid the first $26.00 and can't get the heading I want, same goes with BlogSpot. If you have any feedback I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading & wish I could've had some suggestions for you. I used Lisa Gray Grays web design for a website. She is great, as she always answers promptly & is so nice. She does the sites for Art and Soul. We took the my website down as I am not in business now. http://www.grayswebdesign.com/

MA, I have a very simple website for my business: www.catapultspeech.com
The person who helps me with it is named Ashley Treible. She did not do the original design but she has done facelifts on it from time to time. She's young and adorable. Better than that, she is an excellent listener and has great writing skills and a sense of style. This is her website: http://www.atreibeldesigns.com/ Her website will direct you to places she built from the ground up.

Good luck-it's a little like giving birth.

A group I'm involved with used http://sunriseweb.ca/ for our website at www.storiesinthenorth.com and they are also using them for a business site of their own as well. My friend recommends them.

Good luck - I not have a clue. xoDonna

You are so funny!

Have you talked to Christy Sobelewsky ? I believe she's taken one of your classes (SEWN). She used to write code for a living. It would be worth a try.

I think that this is the exact process that Abby is in right now, Abby Glassenberg who has this awesome blog.
E-mail her and ask who she hired, she is in this process and I think she has some pro help doing the new design and migration.

You might want to check out Heather Sanders. I *believe* she does the website for The Pioneer Woman among many many others. She does this for a living. She has examples of her work. I have no personal experience with her, however, she seems to have happy clients.
And yes, she does PW, and PW won best webdesign award.

Hi, Mary Ann. My husband has a friend who's an expert web developer. I sent him a message asking if he has time or can recommend someone. He's currently working for Amazon, so I am not sure he has much free time for side jobs. All that to say: I would trust anyone he recommends and I will message you again as soon as I hear from him.

i am giddy with relief at having options to explore so far. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!

My webperson is Michele Bergh at Living by Design. Not sure if she does typepad migrations, but you can ask. It's michelebergh.com. She specializes in wordpress.org and moving sites to that.

I hope you find a golden geek among the dross. Wish I had one to suggest. :(

May the magical internet bless you with a helper-person. xoxo

I've used Computer Courage. I had two different web techs, each left me hi and dry with sites only partially completed. Computer courage was really responsive, very fast, and cleaned everything up. Now, whenever I have a question or need help - I can just email them. So far, they have always gotten back to me on the same day as my request. If you want to see the sites, check the URLs I list in your comment form.

They are also reasonably priced. Grown-ups who are in the business of solving computer problems and helping make the sites look great. (Both sites I've used them with are Wordpress.)

If you want me to connection you directly to the guy I work with at Computer Courage, email me directly.

x Lindaa

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