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Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am re-watching the ROD videos getting ready to made another awesome book!!! I love making them and I've gotten quite the monster stash to get rid of!!! Holy cow! I'm getting ready to move but had to keep some stuff out, just to make one more! :)

I do assume and hope we will still be able to always have your typepad site to read and enjoy. So much there. I go back to early archives often just to relish in your writing and photos. I am a long-time sketchbooker and know the joys of drawing one's life but still I learn more. I learned new things in Danny Gregory's Sketchbook Skool and I know I will learn from your class. And have a rollicking good time while at it. You should be one of Danny's instructors, with the unique style of your own. You would certainly be a testimony to how drawing keeps getting better and better the more you do.

me thinketh I shall liketh

You taunt us so! All my cats are good lookin', too. I live for kooky outtakes. Me like kooky. Lookin' forward to kooky...

You are doing a great job keeping us all on the edge of our seats. I get so excited (actually always have...) when I see your new post in my inbox (please, please, please make sure your new blog has that option. Please. If it does not, I do not know what I will do...) I cannot wait for this class. See, look what it has done to me. I cannot express an entire thought. My excitement just keeps me bouncing from thought to thought. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Wow! This is an "outtake"? You are becoming a veritable Ellsworth Kelly!

Thanks for another laugh out loud post! Love you spirit and enthusiasm...even when you are napping.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you from my cabin where all the women are slothing, the woodpeckers are hammering and the ideas will come...eventually....

I'm just all agog waiting for the newsie news about sketchbookery and with company coming and all, sounds like busy is an understatement do take time out at least for a much deserved cocktail or 2 and make sure you are eating well...I wouldn't want you to succumb to anything so close to being done as you are. Have a glorious weekend!!!!

Very excited about the new course, and the blog! Enjoy the long weekend!

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