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Monday, May 05, 2014


So many pretty things to comment on here...flowers, stars, and yummy colors done with paint! Those greens and oranges make me happy:-)

I'm crazy for your golden baby beets watercolor!
It is absolutely charming and delightful!

Your flowers are magnificent!!! I used to have one, which I knew as a night blooming cereus, and when it bloomed the smell was wonderful.

Psst. I found this on my Facebook feed about a watercolorist who did every color (Pantone-like) 271 years ago. Given that the guy was also Dutch, I figured you absolutely needed to see this.


Sorry the post took up so much room. That is actually how she wrote the poem.

golden beets are perfect!

Garrison Keilor read this morning on PBS
I thought of you.

To Lean

by Diane Decillis

Having injured
my shoulder
I dream
of racing
down the Thames,
part of a crew,
octuple scull,
long slender shell,
feet fixed
seats glide,
lock and socket,
sweep of oars—
lift of water,
a lubricant
to be part of
this synchrony,
able to lean
on others, ride
the breastbone
of a bird,
without wings or
even a feather.

"To Lean" by Diane Decillis from Strings Attached.


Your golden beets painting is wonderful - so much personality!!

Your garden is gorgeous, the abundance of blooms is quite a site to behold first thing in the mornin and I am soakin' in their delightful rays. I wanted to go out and watch the asteroid shower but I was too dang tired; DD reminded me soon as she got home last night...darn it, it takes a lot for me NOT to go out and star gaze but I had no ooomphf to muster myself up out of my chair.

Goggle the little cat and he will come. You don't even have to say "here kitty". Beautiful flowers!

Beautiful epee-file-ums! The star burst ones are spectacular! They do so well in CA.

I'll be looking at the night sky, thanks for the heads up.

The painting of the beets is smack on perfect. Love that loose style.

The link about finding a new cat doesn't work! ;>(

Just beautiful, I am so jealous of the beautiful flowers you have out west. Your life is so damned beautiful!

Your apis are the best! Mine are getting close to blooming...any day now!

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