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Wednesday, May 07, 2014


OMG, that book!!

Totally AMAZING. Thanks for sharing!!!! Crushing on your journal pages as always Mary Ann. You are the bestest of the best when it comes to offering up pure delight simply for it's own sake, cuz when one wants to play in one's visual journal the rest of the world falls away for a little while. You rock woman.

I love everything about lipstick EXCEPT wearing it. I love to collect it, photograph it, draw it, name it...I guess that's kind of weird.

I no longer wear iipstick either. When I found out they test these products (most cosmetics) on animals to the point of death, that ended it for me. Now I wear lip gloss or moisturizer.

Love the book of paint mixtures. Can you imagine the dedication required to produce such a book? Yikes. Hats off to this man.

I wish I could learn to love my sketchbooks, but I suffer from the inner critic, fear of the blank page and can't keep up a sketch journal for longer than one week without the critic taking control and telling me to give it up. I so admire your ability to play. Wish I had "that."

oh, this book... the colors, the *handwriting*!!

i finally got the leaf book, and i feel like i can express *everything* through the painting of imaginary leaves at this moment.


Have you seen the 250,000 book labyrinth on Colossal? Yowser. I love that kinda stuff don't you?

Hey, how about an update on your classroom activities?

Your skill in representing glossy surfaces continues to grow and grow. I love the lipstick close ups

love the lipsticks - you are becoming an expert at the shiny bits! ... and that book --- how amazing. Such perfection as was the fashion. I'm really happy we are no longer that perfect. xoDonna

I read about the book in my (dutch) paper. And tore out the page to paste in my journal. To see it here on your blog. It's magical, don't you think? The butterfly is great too, as are your lipsticks.

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