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Monday, May 26, 2014


Hi Mary Ann, can you tell me what the music is in your sketchery video? I love it... as well as all of your amazing art! -Alisa

This is a test comment. I've tried three times to leave a comment about the class but two browsers won't let me.

I think this manner of pricing is a great idea.

hi cindy,

The 3 pricing levels determine how long you have access to the class blog with the videos, forum, etc., You choose whether you want 1 , 2, or 5 year access. The longer the time frame, the higher the price.
Some people choose the longer time period because theyll want to revisit the videos and class blog, forum etc. over and over. If that isnt the case for you, then you can just sign up for the 1 year plan. Does this make sense?
Let me know if you need more help or have more questions.

-mary ann

could you please help me understand the three types of pricing? Isn't it for a 4 week class? thank you

Yippee-just signed up. Can't wait for July 1st to arrive!
Aloha, Kate

Ohhh, it is nearly the 1st of June here in Australia, not long to wait now! Bring it on Mary Ann !!

I cannot wait, this class is going to be part of my summer staycation online art retreat.. It will be so much fun. when it is 100 plus here in las vegas I will be in my studio studying and creating. woohoo

Yippee ya oh ki ye!!! Really looking forward to this class. Our inspiring summer!
Aloha, Kate

Miss Moss, so happy that you decided to give us this summer skool. I love artjournals. But off course i am IN the class. Because i know it is going to be soooo much fun. Is it june 1st already??????

What a great birthday present. I can't wait until Sunday. I will be 70 that day and ready to put pencil to paper.


Cannot Wait!

No need to find my party pants they're already on! Summer school here I come!!! Mary Ann you are AWESOME!

Oh Happy Day!

Starts same time as my 2 week holiday! YAY!

Yay! It sounds like so much fun. I loved your "Sewn" class last summer and I'm sure I'll love this one too. I can't wait to hear the details of your Sketchbookery class.

Sounds FABULOUS and fun!!

Love the title, love the idea & LOVE your sketchbook(s)!


ee ee ah ah oo oo !!! Let's get the party started!

Looks like I will be climbing an alp in the middle of this, but rather than eating a Swiss chocolate bear as I walk I am sure you will inspire me to sketch what I see instead. I hope I can do both, at the same time, actually. So looking forward to another class with Ms. Moss!

My party pants are on and ready. I am never going to make it all the way to June 1st, but I will try. I am so excited!! Did I tell you how excited I am? SUPER Excited. I have been enjoying your sketchbookery adventures and just waiting for this. Thank you. Summer school, here I come!

OK, this will be my first class with MAM. I'm giving myself Sketchbookery as a present for my birthday (June) I've never taken an online class of any kind so this will be a first. This comes just when I need a huge push to get back to drawing and getting over my "precious paper" syndrome. This will be the boost I need to get out and draw my environment. Yea!

Put me down! I am hugging myself in excitement! Yea for you and thanks for all your hard work to put this one on for us. A dream come true!!!!!

I'm waiting in line with everyone else and soooooooooo excited I can't stand still. I'm jumping like a jelly bean. :)

I am so excited to know I have a new MAM class to look forward to. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Finally my summer is saved! You make things rock!

Hurrah! June is my birthday month, donchaknow. Think if I email this post to the hubs, he'll get the hint?

party pants are ON!

I have already marked "Sketchbookery registration opens" and "Sketchbookery begins" on my calendar - both dates. Yeah, I am looking forward to this!! Totally agree that artistic sauvantery is not a requisite for drawing - not at all. It does feel like it's a magical superpower once you start doing it though!

You had me at the 'no-more-Yahoo-groups'. I believe I might be at the pre-chimp level but I always enjoy a party!

You had me at the chimp part. Fun, creative, yep that's how your classes roll. ready set go.

it's going to make my summer....................can't wait........


Can. Not. Wait.

Waooooo....I love this ! i am looking for my party pants!!!!

Absolutely can't wait.

Yay! Looking forward to summer school.

oh - this is going to be grand. you new class looks so cool Mary Ann. can't wait....

SO excited! Count me in!

Oh I cannot wait!

yeeeeee! It's going to be awesome!

Oh goodie, goodie, goodie!!! And a YIPPEE and two Huzzahs! Can't wait. What fun....

Now, where did I put my pens?


I LOVE summer school Ms. Moss!

It looks amazing = can not wait!!

Perfect!! The heat will start to bear down in Texas and my garden is almost all in, so iced tea and a sketchbook sounds awesome to enjoy my new backyard and maybe follow me on a few little trips!! YAY!! Then someday I must travel back to Venice to finish my trip!!

Youre the best! So looking forward to it!!!

Woohoo! I'll be there. Can't wait!

OH! I'm so excited. My birthday is coming....I will put this on my wish list and if I have to, I will make MY wish come true! Thanks!

Joy! I love your classes so much Mary Ann! I have taken all of them and I watch them over and over! Very excited about this new one and your new website too!

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