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Monday, May 19, 2014


I want to click "LIKE" on all the previous comments! Purdy flowers! Hope your summer vacation is coming as fast as mine (end of May)! Looking forward to your new site and all the mischief you will be up to there.

You may need those eyewashing skills when we get our retinas tired from staring non-stop (and probably sitting too close to the screen - you know all our Moms maintained that this was very dangerous)at all that Sketchbookery! So, this could all be very useful. Glad things are going well.

Very glad to hear a bit about your 'pay the bills' job with the short people. I know you are morphing into art-pays-the-mortgage but I like knowing you are still making a difference in all their futures.

Eagerly awaiting the new class!

Good job, Dr. Moss! Perhaps a second career? The shingle hanging above your door? "EYE FLUSHER". Happy things are working out in the moving department. I'm sure you've suffered some painful moments, however all in all you are good at that. Nice Posies. xoDonna

I absolutely LOVE your blog. It is such a huge source of inspiration for me. I cant WAIT to take Sketchbookery. Thanks for sending so much inspiration out into the world.

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