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Thursday, May 01, 2014


Please post a list of these fab pinks!!! Just found your blog and am obsessed!!! :)

OK, I can imagine Adele singing that ... if I feel a tidge more inspired, I might write alternative lyrics for her. Hmmm .........

Better than rolling in some things...Pink is GOOD! do you have a list of your pallette colors shown? also, the gouache ? Thought I might give that a try as always gravitated to them. Thanks. Stay cool;)~Terry Y

I just started getting your posts! Loving the pink flower & all the other pinks.
Joan - please send us some of your warm temps. I'm mowing the yard with a winter coat & stocking cap on my head! Ick.
Cold & gloomy in the midwest.


Yummy colors! You're making me think pink too :)

Love those juicy pinks! Happy weekend!




that pink is mighty yummy!!!!!! so are all the other color splashes too. :)

Love pink! Rollin' in it is a v.v. good thing. Hope the Santa Ana winds die down, that the fire in Rancho Cucamonga is contained soon and that there are no more fires. (Fat Chance, huh?)

We're headed for the 90F range this weekend. Way too early for high temps, our blistering summers are long and brutal enough without starting in spring! Sheesh.

Pink looks good on you!

Pretty colors

Hello. I hope you're staying cool! My wife and son are in your neck of the woods this week and are positively wilted.

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