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Sunday, May 04, 2014


Hi MaryAnn,
Just back from Amsterdam, oh my we loved it! We only had 4 hours of rain in 7 days, can't complain. Seeing the tulip fields was a highlight, along with walking in the city parks... those scooters & high speed cyclists did make me gasp a lot.

If you get a chance to view, THE SOFT ATLAS OF AMSTERDAM, by artist Jan Rothuizen, you just might be tempted to buy it as I did.

take care of your shoulder, perhaps PT can help. Otherwise, friends who have had the surgery say its a rough go for a few days post-op, but the relief from the injury is such a joy.

I love roasted yellow beets with sweet potatoes, peel 'em, dice 'em, toss 'em in olive or avocado oil, roast @ 400* for 15-12 minutes, yummmy


Mary Ann, Wonder if you've seen this... reminds me of what you're doing with your paints, although I like your approach better. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/05/color-book/
271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book May 5, 2014

I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder - get that fixed so it does not slow you down when you least expect it. As for your pile of journals. WOW. Would love to come across that pile and touch them, look through the pages. I found myself analyzing the stack. Did I see a composition book in there and a moleskine? What do you use them for? How many journals do you have going at one time and what are they each for? Can I come over and just take a quick look? :D I would like to say I would not touch, but it would simply be a lie. I do NOT have that much self-control. Journal stacks are the BEST! Thank you for sharing.

ha, my little studio is littered with a collection of piles right now and all those piles represent many blissful hours of play, if things get too neat and tidy it generally means that something is keeping me from mess making. And to be completely honest when I first scrolled down to that jar of water, my first thought was hmmmmmmm Mary Ann has decided to use paint brushes as garnishment on some tasty lookin' drink...cross my heart, true story, that is what I thought I was looking at and my reaction was 'how cool is that'

Why do the piles of stuff always look so much more artistic at your house than they do at mine?

And ARGH! Body parts are just supposed to work, gosh dern it! I hope it'll start listening to you soon.

P.S. I always check your blog when I need a pick me up at work/school. Thank you for what you do.

Got the piles of stuff, had the bum shoulder, started on the website but didn't want a pain in the tuchus. My advice is to see about the shoulder early - they don't get better by themselves very often. If you figure out what to do about the piles of stuff, I certainly want to know because I haven't quite mastered that little problem yet.

Do take care of yourself, Miss Mary Ann, please.

Great colors of orange and green but oh my the shoulder. Get it off the grindstone! Toot Sweet!

The beets look fabulous...can't wait to see how you paint them. So sorry to hear about the shouder. We can't allow paint, color interference...Bah Humbug!

Now you have to draw with teeeeny weeeeny movements of fingers only whilst leaving shoulder to repair.

Teeeeeny weeeeeny

New website headaches = stress = shoulder going out. (With me, it's my neck not my shoulder, but same idea.) Yep. I recognize that particular scenario. I'm sorry. I sympathize.

The beets, now....those beets look yummy. Surely beautiful beets cure shoulders? Or, at least, make the sufferer's tummy a little happier. That can't hurt!

Feel better soon.


Your fan club is hoping that you meant a short term shoulder ailment....like you slept wrong on it or something of that nature. Not the kind of thing that requires professional intervention by a licensed saw bones person! Please keep us posted on how things go, even if you have to cobble out an SOS with your opposite arm/hand/shoulder thingy. Nice colors, by the way. You got that color thing goin' on, Sista!

Mmm, that salad recipe of Tara's sounds good and that pile of journals looks so tempting, total drag about your shoulder, hope it's not painful!

It's like the Sunday Funnies. 5 scenes, the last being the punchline. ;p

That's a beautiful stack up there.

Take two baby beets cooked, chopped and served over a bed of delicious lettuces, with goat cheese and candied walnuts, and call me in the morning.

Boo hoo on the shoulder. I have to tell you, you write the best blog posts.

ouch! That's no good. (the shoulder that is) Hope you can fix what ails it soon.

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