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Saturday, May 17, 2014


JFC! I can't BELIEVE this! Even though I have a CAT now, I can't believe it!!

One of the best things in life? Delegate, delegate, delegate. Glad you are letting someone else do the heavy lifting - can't wait for the class. And yes by golly! that attack cat is amazing! :)

Dogs are nice, and I have one, but you never hear of a cat hunting down and attacking someone, causing such damage they need stitches or almost die. Cats are my absolute favorite. I've got two Siamese that are little humans in fur suits. That cat in the video is amazing!!!
Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to your new design.

I loved seeing what the cat save the boy! Awesome.

Thrilled to hear your web person may have been found - yay!!

Buck video missing for me, Alas. Happy you are close to reaching for and finding what you want and need. Carry on Miss Moss. hugs, Donna

I always knew this about cats...get so tired of dog people thinking cats are aloof, stupid and boring. We have two cats that won't even let my husband massage my back because they think he is attacking me. OK...so I close the door so I can get my dang back massage but still...they want to defend me!

Cats frequently get a bad rap, proofs in the puddin' here!
Miss MAM posts too!
As long as we know you are safely tucked away working on that next class, well, then I guess until you CAN do two things at once...
Just keep coming up for air so we know you're out there!
Hope the web person works out!

YeeHaw and yes, cats rule!


Do what you need to do to make your bloggin' life easier, MA. We'll all be here when you get back.
Cheers to kitties!

can't wait for the new web bc i can't wait for the class!!

Hate that the child was hurt and scared, but loved that Super Cat came to the rescue! Yes, catz rule!

love that cat! and oh, how i wish i could only work on one thing at a time...we miss you too, but your new class will be well worth the radio silence and then you can blog away while cracking the whip on me and teach me your horse blinder wearing ways! xo -

That's some cat! And catz do rule!!!

I had seen the news about the cat rescue but finally watched the video since you posted it. Yay cat to the rescue. Do hope that dog gets dealt with. So glad to hear that you have found someone to help with the website. It is hard to find good people.
Aloha, Kate

Glad things are moving along. I have good news, too. Five of my paintings were accepted for a gallery show. A first for submitting and for acceptance of course. Paintings are posted at Tantivy.blogspot.com. If you want to check them out.

Yup, I heard all about the amazing, brave, feline and LOVED the story. That cat has earned herself a badge of honor. Buck Moss's heart is alive and well in many a feline I suspect....after all every cat has 9 lives and I think they share them when needed...just my twisted theory, pay no attention to that crazy woman behind this comment...er well...sure have missed you but I know it's all for our benefit...I am excited sitting here waiting on the side lines and pleased that the home of your brand new blog is in good hands. Happy dancin' for you!!!!

LOVED the cat video. I had seen it but relished watching it again. Maybe one than once! Family protects family.



Yes, that cat is pretty amazing! I've been thinking about you, figuring you were busy with the web issue. Can't wait till you have it all the way you want it, Mary Ann.

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