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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Loved the cups!! And... I love her statement: "When I don't have art in my life I have a huge amount of misplaced energy."

Oh WOW, how fantastic and fun and inspiring!!!! I LOVE it. Whoooo hoooooooo company coming???!!!! Playtime at Moss Cottage...strapping on my wings be there around 2ish...I promise not to land in the flower beds. ;)

You're right. I love it. The things that we do because we are compelled to do so end up being amazing.

Happy Sunday.

Loved it so much! It's so exciting and interesting when ann artists stumbles into an idea like this! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

"An artist" obviously! Too excited to type correctly!

Uh, yeah. Way cool.

Oh my goodness!!!

Thank you,for a Sunday morning gift!
You were right, I loved it.
Have a fun day!

I'd seen something on her before but not this video. Isn't she amazing? How cool. Wish my mind worked that way!


So excited for the new class, MAM! Can't wait to know more. You have a date yet?

It a wonderful video! I just found you and am wondering about your classes. Will they be open soon??

: ) : ) : )


are you KIDDING ME???!!!!! This is SO v.v. cool. AND she lives in London (jealous).
Thanks for giving us a delicious blast of vitamins.

Good luck with your stealth-taping. Must be a fabulous artist *wink*

Thank you for posting this. So uplifting and inspiring!

That was wonderful to watch! What a cool job and way to work. I am constantly amazed by the diversity of us humans!!

Gwyneth lives in NYC - and we've visited her on location and in her studio. Comevisit and we'll take you!!

Delightful :)

This is so super yummy I can barely stand it! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Love the video! I frequent Anthropologie stores in my travels, will have to keep an eye out for the cups in ceramic.

I've followed Gwyneth for a couple of years. I thought it was so novel that she made art out of discarded coffee cups, a great way to recycle. The damned cups are not biodegradable tho...lined with plastic. I wish it was required to bring in your own cup for your morning fix. I have one that looks just like the paper one but it's washable and can be used over and over again.

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