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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Mary Ann,
You take my breath away. You are teaching these dear children such amazing life skills-how to express themselves and how to have empathy. You are such a gift.
By the way, I adore that booklet about cats that your student made for you. Did you drink coffee everyday, or did the child get that idea from somewhere else? Just curious. Again, you are a gift.
Much love to you as you continue to grieve the loss of your mother.

oh that is sooo cool!!! You know, you will probably be his/her favorite teacher of all time and they will remember you always! :)

just catching up with your posts. this is the most amazing one. not only am i on fire for the book your student made, i'm also crying. you're awesome, ms. moss. xo

Oh, Mary Ann...thank you for being brave enough to be honest with your kids about death and tears. When my dad's mother died, my sister wrote in her diary that she was afraid to cry because she thought everyone else would start crying if they saw her do it. My heart ached for that little 12-year-old who was experiencing the first loss of a family member and thought she had to keep up a good front for everyone.

Thank you, too, for sharing with all of us.

Okay, everyone already said what was in my heart to say.... You are the best teacher ever! Xo

As you say, this is how it rolls. I think these kids were meant to have you in their class and you were meant to be their teacher. Life happens that way. Don't you love it!

Oh how I love this post... thank you...

and you are so right not to hide the sad stuff... the things kids imagine when an adult is sad are always far worse than the truth...

What a tender story. Your lessons touch all of our hearts.

I remember my favorite teachers and I will soon be 75!!! My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Pierce, read to us for an hour after lunch...I loved it. She read "The Secret Garden" and Ann of Green Gables. Two of my favorite books to this day.


What a blessing you are to them and them to you. Yes, will the circle be unbroken???
Aloha, Kate

we out in blog-o-sphere think you're the best teacher ever too!!!
my mamma died last january and it was the most surreal experience of my life. it does get easier with time, but you'll never stop missing her... it'll hit you like gentle waves as opposed to great tsunami's of grief. sending you big hugs. xoxoxo

oh Mary Ann, that is such a sweet post. Just know that your heart touches each one of them, when it is art time, reading time and especially when you shed a tear or two. Thanks for sharing it with all of us too. You are not only their BEST teacher, you are ours. x o

Mary Ann, what a blessing that you are able to touch these kids and have a positive influence on their development. A blessing for them and for you.

Oh my, what a lovely little booklet. I was almost in tears seeing it and then I did start crying when I read your message. Miss Moss, know that you are teaching all of us who read your blog life lessons just as you are teaching all of those lucky little kids, each time you post the wonderful things that you do and share with us from your heart. Thank you. xo

I remember the few teachers I had that I told were the best I ever had. You definitely make an impact on your students, and not just the young ones either :) As for crying in class, I wouldn't worry about it. My mom died in 2002. My beloved grandmother died in 2003 and my dad, her son, died in 2009. Wanna know what gets me bawling like a two year old? Irish music. It doesn't even have to be Danny Boy. Irish Music, Ragtime, Glenn Miller and bag pipes. Oh, and most recently, I cried at a clarinet recital (my dad played clarinet.) It's good you have siblings. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, it's normal to cry for your mommy, no matter how old you are or how long she has been gone. xoxo

thank you everyone...as always your comments are touching.

I remember certain teachers more than others-I think you are one of those that your students will remember always. and that's a gift.


Author Mem Fox talked to me after I mentioned that many of her books cause me to tear up and so I'd avoided reading them. She offered that it is a huge gift to your students to see the power of literature and that it's just fine to demonstrate that for your kids.
Same for making connections through powerful feelings, instead of that ever ready grownup answer "No, I'm not sad, I'm just tired, etc". It makes for a lovely lovely lesson. Thanks for sharing it.

Congrats on being the "Best Teacher Ever". You have really been good for these children. I can see they love you. You will be the teacher they remember when they are 40.

What a close class and the kids asking you the big questions. I was very inspired about Diana Nyad who achieved that at the age of 64. It helped me know I needn't give up cause I'm aging and suffer with chronic pain and have had for 30 years. I still manage to work full time at a school but it is hard. I still grow though and do things I didn't think I could.

Life's treasures.

Soulful post. We need to cry and you just taught the kids a valuable lesson. ITS OK TO CRY.

Every now and a blue moon we get a class of kids like that (Being an old timer teacher myself)-one that really touches you and has just the right mix of people that brings out your best teacher self. As you know, usually they can be good kids or nice kids or rotten obnoxious kids but there is no chemistry. I think this group sounds really wonderful. When you came back from your leave some little educator fairy sprinkled all kinds of good dust on you. Thanks for sharing. It touched my vetran teacher heart to read this.

This is so sweet. I wish I had a teacher like you...in 5th grade.

dear ms. moss, you are awesome! you've said it all, what can i add? life is all these things.

Sending you long distance hugs and I am sure you will get some from those awesome and amazing kiddos you teach. They are so incredibly lucky to have spent this year with you!!

Dear Ms. Moss, you are awesome!

Priceless gifts from your kiddies. And what a priceless gift you gave them, crying in front of them, being who you really are. I suspect some of them will never forget that their adult teacher felt okay about expressing vulnerability. You rock, MA! xo

A willingness to be vulnerable may well be the biggest gift we can give anyone and you gave these kids a gift they won't forget. Thank you for sharing yourself so freely. Love that you shared this class with us.

Love the booklet and the drawings, so sweet. The little kitty face with the tear, the "soft kitty", all adorable.

Both those children and you are so lucky that your paths crossed. We who read you, learn from you, love you, are all so lucky to have crossed paths with you. It's all wonderful. Miss Moss, you do indeed, ROCK!

Wow! I love all your posts, but this one was really special. I hope you get to stay at this school, if that's what you want to do.
What a lovely lesson for those precious girls. Of course it's ok to cry over Mom.
Feel better. Feel appreciated!

What a wonderful world we live in! You are clearly a marvelous teacher, so much so that your kids seek you out online and give you heartfelt messages about how to say goodbye. You also enrich them with concrete examples of courage, wonder and caring through you thoughtful work and responses. I'm glad you had this class to teach this year and thank you for sharing that world with us.

I have to dash off to a funeral of an acquaintance but just had to say that you must feel very close to these children if your body allowed you to cry. It's a safe place there and what a marvelous lesson for your chicks. Loss hurts and crying is what we do - if we're lucky enough to have those safe places. If that's all you taught your chicks, the year would have been worthwhile.

You are a beautiful soul and I'm the better for knowing you in this crazy thing called cyberworld.

What a lovely post!!

I love the illustrations in the book your student made for you, rows of children facing you as you read, circling around you at a table as you demonstrate art for them, Pokemon, the cat facts. I've been reading your blog for 2-3 months and that little booklet is a perfect synopsis of what I've learned about you.

Best teacher, cat owner, daughter sister, writer, artist and blogger - how lucky we are that you share your beautiful essence with the world.

Sometimes I wonder if you evern realize, at the deepest soul level, the gifts you are leaving upon this earth. They come so naturally to you, sometimes it must seem like nothing. I'm here to tell you, every man, woman, and child you touch in some way receives a great gift. You change lives. They may not know it at the time, or they may be absolutely stunned by it. "Your" children will grown up differently, with much more to offer the world than others. Their imaginations will blossom, their compassion and love for humanity, the arts, nature, and tons of other things will become colossal without them even knowing it. You are a 'light worker' Miss Moss -- whether you know it, or admit it. ...and you will always AMAZE me. with love, Donna

What a wonderful gift from your student from China. And i agree, those students were lucky to have you and you were lucky to have such a good class when you had to step back into teaching.

Oh great, now you have me crying too! Snif.
What a wonderful group of kids and that book is the cutest thing ever. Hugs.

So happy for you Mary Ann.
This year has been the reward you so deserve for earlier turmoil.
You deserve all things good, and I think they are en route.

Ah, Mary Ann! Kids are so great in time of loss! They have these beautiful words that they are not afraid to speak. My father died two months ago. My daughter 8 said : 'no need to cry mom, he is always with you if you keep him in your heart.' The love you got from those children measures up to what you gave them, your time, your energy, your no-holds-barred personality. They are attuned to it. xx

They will all remember you. You, who were real, fully real and treated them with respect and care. I would have always remembered someone like you.

It all has been said above and brought me to tears as well. Your response was very powerful for all of us.....keep on.....you are a model for all as we march through life! Hugs....

Loved every word Mary Ann and these sweet kids see the same thing that those of us here do in you, that you are the bestest teacher on the planet, that you know stuff and share it. I adore your honesty and tears are just as much a part of life as smiles are...kids understand tears i think a lot better than we do sometimes, easy to hide a smile but tears, when the dam bursts ain't nothin' gonna stop it so might as well just let em flow...I wish I had a teacher like you!!! I'm glad I'm young enough at heart to be able to soak up as much of your knowledge, travels, journal keepin' stuff as I possibly can...in whatever time I can call mine....you rock Miss Moss...I'm bettin' Mama Moss would be pleased too.

Thank you...you make a difference

That book, and all those sweet gifts, are the treasures we teachers keep in our special place, so that when we need a lift or have a tough day we can look at those and know that our presence has made a wonderful difference.
That is why I became a teacher, so I could make a positive difference for someone. Now I am working with former students who are now colleagues at some of the schools where I sub. That makes me smile.

Well, the book and gifts are awesome. Just lovely. And the show of grief is natural and your handling of it with the student (or students) was natural and realistic. Thanks again for sharing.

Your kids are so blessed that they've had you, and, conversely, I'm so glad you've had this group after all you've been through with some of your other classrooms. Grief wells up at the most unexpected of times - and sometimes with amazing velocity. It is still very fresh; sending you squeezy heart-to-heart hugs.

You know, sweet MAM, you blow your nose and choke out the perfect reply to that child. Which you did. And then you smile your special secret smile. What are you gonna do? I found a photo of my dad and me taken when I was about six. Fishing. That was our private activity that we always did together. It must have been like 20 years after he died. And I burst into tears. So, you see, I know the feeling . Secret smile. Blow nose. Hug yourself for me. Wish I could deliver it in person!


You are in the right place. You were meant to do this. I am glad you figured out a way to do it. We are all better for it. Those lucky children ~ and lucky you.

Smart, good, kind and diabolically creative people cry, gasp, wring their hands and laugh. S'all part of the tapestry. If only Micah had such a great role model for grieving then he lost his Daddy at 5. You Rock, even when it gets Tricky. xo

They are so lucky to have had you touch their lives. How sweet...

I am just farklempt, your post moved me to tears...out of the mouths of babes..these kids will remember you forever, and I bet they hugged their mommies extra long tonight..

What a joy to read - how lucky you are! And Ms. Moss? "you will cry about it. and it will be okay."

I believe that children need to see important (to their lives) people cry. I follow your posts regularly and I know you are a wonderful teacher. That being said, I believe crying in class might be one of the most powerful lessons ever shared!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Hugs!!

Reading your post was the best today. What a difference you have made in the lives of those children.

Wow. What an amazing, loving year you've had filled with amazing loving family, friends and students.

And . . . perfect answer to that child.

You really are the best teacher in the world = what better lesson than this.
xx Michelle

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