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Tuesday, April 01, 2014


I've been cogitating on this Waterlogue app that does seem to be storming Instagram land of the last few weeks. I had the same thought - would this help me break down sketching/watercolor into more mentally manageable places? Interesting thoughts on this - my observation of the tablecloth rendering is that the app doesn't have the personality/humanity of your own work. It's a (pardon the pun) watery perfection that lacks funk. I'm willing to try it as a learning tool I think, but it doesn't beat the confidence and personality of your hand painted work.

Wonderful post! Your paintings are an inspiration. —John (Waterlogue's author)

It is a bit intimidating how your talent is progressing, while mine still looks as if I am using my feet.

awesome sketches! Lace is challenging to draw and paint!

Love, love, love your painting of your tablecloth. I agree with the other entry tht said it reminded her of vintage wallpaper. So true for me as well. The blues in contrast with the whites are so juicy. I have yet to get going with my watercolor sketches but I will - you're such a wonderful inspiration!!!

Waterlogue looks cool and everything, but I much prefer your tablecloth rendition. It is lovely...just simply lovely.

LOVE your painting of the tablecloth. Your paintings would make beautiful postcards or notecards! Just hinting!

As an android user... alas... no waterlogue for me :-( But I love how you use it as a tool for your own watercolor versions. And I absolutely love your version of the tablecloth. It's beautiful!

I love your painting of the tablecloth ... it reminds me of vintage wallpaper!

i love your version of the table cloth. it looks more like the real thing to me than the generated version. of course, i want things to look like they are supposed to, lol.

WAY COOL Mary Ann holy moly girl your talents just keep blowing up my mind...LOVE it when you share your new toys with us!

Wow! I LOVE your own version of the floral tablecloth! Your painting looks like vintage wallpaper and the colors are breath-taking. The little tab label is a charming detail. Every time I visit your blog I get new inspiration. Keep up the experiments - you are doing great!

I am using Waterlogue app in much the same way you are, as a learning tool and to help me visualize what i am trying to paint. I find it quite helpful. What has surprised me the most about the app is that photos I took and thought were rather dull and not interesting turn out to be quite spectacular when processed through the app! I took one of my sis-in-law sitting on a bed with lots of light coming through big windows. She was washed out. The whole scene was just dull as dish soap. I accidentally hit it when aiming for the photo next to in when I was trying things out and the completed Waterlogue of that dull photo is now one of my favorites. It brought the whole scene together, handled the excess light from the big windows and brought out the patchwork design on the quilt Sissy was sitting on. Try it on some old photo you kept around for no good reason and see if you find the same thing happens. Just saying'....


Oh my gosh! Love that painted tablecloth. So gorgeous!

I can't say how much I love your tablecloth painting! And your painted label - why have I never thought of that?!

That table cloth rendering is gorgeous! Sometimes when I am trying to draw something complicated, like from a group photo, I use the photoshop elements tool that renders the image in "poster" or "cartoon" in black and white. It gives me the main shapes and values.

I love your painted version best, but I also like the waterlogue one. How fun!

I like the painted version that is unwaterlogged best. Love that blue palette and the greens. MMMMMMMMMMM good!

Your painted version of the table cloth is beautiful!

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