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Saturday, April 19, 2014


What a joyful journal cover and garden!

Oh my....so wonderful!!! I LOVE projects like that and we (our family) have an affection for the name "galdino"! He would be about 67 now very sweet and telling you about Jesus every second and doing a fine, fine job in the garden, he was the sweetest man ever and went back home to Mexico when he became ill with heart trouble...He was part of our family(the Green's)! Ha...Is that YOU galdino?!...all healed up?! Crazy....but you never know....I want succulents so bad, had them years ago and must try them again since Texas has become drier and drier!! Love seeing the journal you redid, I should do that with the sewn projects too...thanks for reminding me of that great class!!!

Love the rock border, my kind of DIY project too.... xoxo

Love the rock border, my kind of DIY project too.... xoxo

Garden looks fantastic!

If biting the succulents is wrong....well....non, correspondent Susan? LOL - my predictions of the legions of Craft Chimps camping out may not be off base after all. Just sayin'.

Love it all on this fine, sunny and warm day, got the windows open, dinner in the oven and sewing up a storm; another journal of course. Your meandering rock wall is delightful. I want to see it in person and I agree with Miss Susan above, a detailed map of your world would be lovely, being one who is ever curious about such details. Your gardener has executed your plan wonderfully, clearly you make a good team. VBG!

I would like to see (I imagine I'm not alone) to see a plot map of your house and yard, w dimensions as well as a MAM sketched floor plan, especially w dimensions, of your house. I am continually curious about the lay of your land and your home. You arrange your modest (diminutive) square footage so well.

Don't forget to add some "living rocks" (lithops) http://gardentherapy.ca/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Cactus-Show-4.JPG to the garden. My only problem w succulents is that I want to bite them. Wrong idea but they are so voluptuous.


Love the serendipitous, eclectic nature of your mini-rock wall. It's really cool to see how it meanders and winds through the yard with no two sections the same! But functional never the less. Should give inspiration to lots of folks looking for ways to improve landscaping in their yards.

Also like to see you taking advantage of the so called "weeds" as landscape materials along with the succulents. Sometimes the coolest flowers are those that just show up in our yard. We had a plant that blew in with one of the hurricanes to hit our area several years ago. Imagine our surprise when the following spring we noticed a "weed" all over town that had not been here before. We just leave them in our flower bed because the bees and butterflies love them. And the flowers are kinda nice....just simple, small white blooms with yellow centers. But they were free and look cheerful, especially when the bees and butterflies are flitting through our yard!

Keep us posted on the progress of your landscaping. Looks inviting and sure to give you lots to sketch and paint in the not too distant future. Like today? ;)

That looks incredible!! Your garden is wonderful and is definitely going to provide great sketching opportunities. I wouldn't be surprised if you start to see packs of Craft Chimps with their sketchbooks camped out front, capturing all the action.

It's looking good Mary Ann! If any are like the Hens & Chicks (those are the only perennial succulents I can grow around here), they grow like weeds! Been a long long snowy winter so can't wait to tend to my matted down grass and transplant the annuals I started indoors a good month ago. Send Galdino my way when you're done with him :)

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