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Sunday, April 27, 2014


hi joan,

i left the link to her some posts back. you will have to go back a few posts to find her. its a blog link - nothing to watch...

Your pages look like you spilled popsicle juice all over them, what fun!

I tried to find Cheng's video's on You Tube but only got some Asian singer...did you find Lao Cheng on You Tube or are you watching on DVD? If you found on You Tube could you post a link?


Mmm, a chocolate popsicle, judging by that dripping blob of rich brown in the top photo - yummy. Not quite popsicle weather here in the still chilly north and no blooms to speak of or draw as yet but we're inching closer every day. I'm with Jacki, don't always comment and not lurking but always here, enjoying and admiring!

Love your blog Mary Ann, and Carol's too ... they make my day!
I don't comment often because you get so many and they say everything better.
Anyway, just so you don't label me a lurker, checking in with love and admiration.

I too like those drips and spatter and splodges. ( and hand return wished for Shar!)

judging by the splotches I'd say your popsicle was orange! please say a little prayer for me 'cause my right hand is out of commission - dont't know diagnosis yet but really miss doing art!

HA HA! You make me laugh! Me? 3:15 am. In bed but not sleeping. Dog at feet. Stars out the window. It's a good thing. hugs, Donna

No one makes more beautiful paint splodges than you do! Love your paintings, too. Can't wait to see the particulars of your new class!

love all of the drippy, colorful drops and driplets on your pages. They match the big rain we have had all day minus the colors...oh my imagination is working over time just thinking what it would like if it rained in watercolors...oh the fun that would be, it's thundering and the sky just lit up with lightening...WOW it was a big one. It's been the perfect day to cut and glue and paint and make messes in my art room...yes a good good day and your colors brightened things up considerably.

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