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Saturday, April 26, 2014


amazing pics. love em

Those flowers are truly LA neon, just like the LAX signs at the airport. So, so, LA...

Oh YES!!!!!! I have just started sketching again,I have never kept at it before or gotten very good, but I always forget how much I love it. I may have to join some mail art swap thing as that kept me going... sometimes I need deadlines.

I have been using my iPad recently and I actually *painted*...! Ok.. virtually painted! I have a fear of painting since a kid. I used to do detailed awesome drawings and trash them with that horrible thick very matte school poster paint... even now I cannot stand the feel of that paint on paper when its dry!

Looking forward to tons of sketching and watercolors in this new class.

Sounds like a terrific class! I absolutely adore your succulents and the macro photos are just wonderful. I always feel better after stopping in at the cottage.
Thank you

Beautilful photos of those flowers. I don't know what you call them in USA, but I have the same in a pot on my windowsill and here in Sweden we have three variations of this plant, which is actually a cactus. We have Christmas-cactus, November-cactus and Easter-cactus. My plant is an old one and it seems to be a combination of three ones, because it blooms three times a year (Easter, November and Christmas)!

Drooling over your epi flowers!!


i doubt it. but it IS the only galaxy where mary ann moss and epiphylums coexist. i think...

do you think the milky way is the only galaxy in which epiphilums exist?

Have FUN and a little frustration (for good measure). You ARE SO GOOD at this. Living your passion. hugs, Donna

Yay!! Can't wait, I am so there!!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! To have a kooky sketch book like yours of my very own filled with what inspires me-- yippie!! I have ants in my pants, I'm so excited!
Your cactus flowers are divine in color and shape with a tiny surprise bursting inside. Great photos.

CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!! The anticipation is building..... LOVE your flower photography.

Wonderful news. Can't wait!!

Sketchbookery? Yes, MAM!

Sketchbookery!!!!! I LOVE IT. Count me in. Oh see I knew as soon as I invested in a set of watercolors and got my feet wet and did some pre puddle jumping that it would all lead back to you after all you are the hostess/teacher with the mostest...EVER!!!!!

Just when you think, "Who really wants to just sit here and watch me create" remember WE DO!!!! WE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU CREATE IT THEY WILL COME!!!!!!!!! I am ready!

This craft monkey is READY! I am so excited.. :D I have been secretly wanting you to. Can you read minds?!

Looking forward to see what this about. I live your sketches. Is ja a homemade sketch book your working in right now?

I have started my engine!!! I cannot wait and I celebrate every minute you are creating this little gem, but please stay with us longer. Class joy and sense of connection seems to leave as soon as you go. I also work full time at a school and pray part of it happens during my winter (your summer) holidays. But I would also like to create the books early so I can focus on the sketching cause I put myself down. I need to monkey around.

Skippity Do Da! Can't wait!

Sketchbookery? YIPPEE SKIPPEE!

I can't wait for Sketchbookery!

I can't wait for class to begin!...and thank you for sharing a little bit about your process for creating content. As a newbie recreational blogger, it comforts me. I look at other blogs and think, "wow! i'm soooo far behind the game" it's nice to know the videos don't happen overnight. Love your watercolors too.

Woohooo! A new class! Involving sketchbooks! Can't wait!

Yippee! Can't wait to enroll in the new "Sketchbookery." Fun, fun, fun!
Aloha, Kate

Mary Ann,
I want to sit in the front row of this new class. Will the instructor be drunk? Can the students drink too? If so, I am even more excited about enrolling. I am eager to learn your spin on watercoloring because I so like your paintings. I have to know, do you film your own videos yourself? No camera person? If you work without a camera person, that inspires me, because I bought the video camera, but am too nervous to talk to the camera with a person behind it. Thanks again for the great blog.

*clapping in all your favorite colors* for your beautiful flowers. for your wonderful camera with smart eyes. for this online temple. for your creative soul. so, so grateful. Can't wait for sketchbookery! blessings y besitos amiga!

definitely neon!

"i love teaching what i love doing" well said. well lived

oh - that is great news. a sketchbook class.
can't wait to hear more. yeaahh

SKETCHBOOKERY! !!! Oh yes, a perfect name for your class.

I'm looking forward to this as I've not been able to take any of your classes for various reasons. Are your former classes still available for purchase? If so, where?

Can't wait to see what you dream up for the MAMSOS class.

joy excellent question!

you will continue to have access to those older classes - definitely! ill just have new students sign up for them eventually over on the new site. if i migrate everything over to wordpress youll still have access..OH YES!

Sssssooo excited. I'm in line waiting to sign up. I'm pitching my tent in line to not miss this one. Quick question: I was wondering what happens to your " Ticket to Venice " etc classes. Are they going to be transferred over ? Are they going to still be available? Will we still have access to them once you transfer over? How will that all work? ok ... That's more than a quick question...

Totally wonderful - I wondered way back then if MAMSOS was more than just a bud of an idea. It will give me something to look forward to after my holiday ;-))

Can't wait!! Now that I'm retired, I can really devote so much more time to something like this, well, when I'm not in having chemo! But on all the in-between days, art is what grounds me and lifts me up at the same time. I will definitely be on board for this one!
Erin in Morro Bay

vrooom vrooom :)

glad youre excited colleen so am i!

the name of the class will be SKETCHBOOKERY

the MAMSOS exists only in my mind.

you know. where all the good stuff lives.

Oh, YES! I am SO excited to hear there will be a Mary Ann Moss School of Sketching! I cannot wait to enroll in the first class!

Love it! A new MAM class..Yay! Those flowers are incredible. I love your flower pictures.

YES!! I love a MAM class better than any other. May the muses light your way, and may the technology lie down & behave.

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