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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


all the Pictures are lovely, but I LOVE Your cat, she is breathtakingly beautiful, may she please move to Sweden ? <3 <3 <3

Great sketches! And the palette is coming along nicely.

Who's the kitty?

I love your sketches! You draw much better than a chimp! :)

re the palette, non-painter I suggest scanning it and reducing the image so it's convenient and replaceable if it gets grunged up. Laminating or plastic bagging are great ideas too.

She is lovely.

How are those binocs working? I too look at the stars and had an old telescope until it rusted out. Been thinking about getting a new one, but undecided about how much to spend. April 14 is the lunar eclipse, so that should provide some great viewing. Loving your watercolors, simply maaarvelous:)

Thank you to all who suggested laminating or otherwise protecting the watercolor palette colors. I have made a palette like that and tucked it into my travel palette but had worried about getting it wet and stuck it in a ziplock bag. Thanks Mary Ann for continuing to inspire those of us who are still timid about picking up a brush.
Aloha, Kate

Love your tiled doorway!

Organizing the watercolors and making little swatches of them, and writing their names is pretty much my idea of heaven! And then actually painting with them! Oh, so very, very fascinating. Thank you for sharing your palette - now off to compare and contrast mine and see where it all lands.

I'm an avid birder who travels to see birds. The method used by most birders for viewing is to first adjust your binocs by covering one lens, focus, then cover other lens, focus, then both eyes & focus. Always have your binocs ready, lens covers removed, on your person, no more than 12 inches to lift to your eyes. Focus on the distance where you're apt to see birds, then when you see a bird, never look away from the bird, instead lift the binocs to your eyes.

Never looking away from the bird is the hardest thing for birdwatchers to learn. Hope that helps.

Mary Ann:
Wonderful sketches as usual. Keeping your palette diagram with your stuff is a good thing. Seal it with Mod Podge or laminate it.

Love the patio rendering. You're doing so much good stuff.

Your purple door made me very happy today. I don't know why, but sometimes things like that can spark a bit of happy.

I adore you. I'm heading on a personal retreat to beautiful Whidbey Island, WA and have my water colors packed to create some Mary Ann Moss art.

Awesome as always Mary Ann! Not a day goes by that I don't swing by here and go away smiling in wonderment of your talents. Love you 'jump right in and go for it' attitude. You go girl. We saw Mars last night, no binocs so the view wasn't perfect but that slight ting of orange was a dead giveaway.

LOVELY post and I love your drawings... they're YOU!!!

What I want to know is how the heck one DOES learn to use binoculars, something I have not mastered in, um, decades of living. Believe me, by the time I get them found, in place, on, focused, fiddled with--the bird is long, long gone.

I'm sooo jealous,(in the most awesome way), of your new astro binoculars! Can't wait to see how you will document what you are seeing. I share your enthusiasm about the beauty that's out there. Enjoy!

I never tire of seeing your drawings; they truly capture the essence of your surroundings. Plus, your patio is to die for! I have to tell you though, that when I saw the cat pic, I thought, "How the heck did she get a picture of my Max?!"
Seriously, they're twins! Now if yours is a hunter, a royal pain in the neck (hence the name 'mad max'), AND a lover, then they're the same cat and they travel back and forth between our homes in a time machine. That's all I have to say about that...

I made one (chart) for my palette but it got water on it. If you make one, cover it with contact paper. That's my advice.

I recognized that stargazer from the smile. Well, anyway, I knew it was you. You really do catch things well. Landscapes are a hard thing for me. So much, so many. so ...they are just hard.

I adore your drawings! What a beautiful kitty cat and I want to sit on your patio!

Nicely organized...yes I think one needs to go in the case.

chimp-schmimp.....your drawings sing!

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