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Sunday, April 06, 2014


Isn't it one of life's wondrous moments to hold history in your hands. Love the photo album!

So very beautiful, and comforting. You are made of stars - it's not just Moby that noticed it.

Through the nets of the stars indeed! Terrific post, every bit of it, thanks!

Beautiful album, I agree, too precious to alter in any way. I wonder if the lady in the photo painted the pictures or collected them. If only these old treasures could talk! At any rate, you're lucky to have them living in Moss Cottage with you and the cats. I'll be waiting to see your rendition of the lovely botanicals

This poem "speaks to me." So glad to add it to my collection.

Beautiful Mary Ann. Just beautiful. I hope we get to see your version. I may have to try making my version from your great photos! Tonight is my last night in Schull Ireland and I have thought of you so many times and your adventuring. I have been on my own this last week now and have rediscovered some good things about me. I like this adventuring. I will be home in a couple days but I'm going to go out in the world again! This is my last night to gaze up at the sky here and watch the clouds making a spectacle of themselves over the harbor dotted with islands. It's incredible, but each time I look , the color of the sea has changed and the clouds are indescribable. Just about an hour ago though a big dark orangeish one came straight in front of me and puffed itself up and spread out and then like I don't know what.........a full double rainbow touching the green fields on both sides! I stood there in the rain and cried. And took pictures and cried some more. Then I emailed to my amazing family and thanked them for encouraging and supporting me to go and be brave. They are my true life pot of gold. And having people like you that inspire and light fires in your wondrous ways.....more gold. You are so good. Thanks Mary Ann.

What a beautiful old book with lovely illustrations. I especially like "Moss Rose Bud." That's OURS, you and me! Have a great week.

Beautiful Mary Ann. If you haven't read The Signature Of All Things, I think you would appreciate it. xo fran

thank you is inadequate yet says it all

you never cease to surprise me with your wondrous beauty seeking vision...

What a gorgeous album Mary Ann, I can understand why it is a treasure in it's own right and I think your watercolor renditions of the floral and fauna held in it's pages will be a sweet and fitting homage. I think it's home in Moss cottage is perfect and for you to discover it again is one of those moments that hold the kind of wonder and awe that get missed in the 'hurry up' speed at which much of our lives get lived...and the poem is beautiful...truly, the heat is off it's almost midnight and a bit of a chill is creeping in...spring is out there...waiting to explode..it's going to happen this week...70 is coming...

beautiful images, especially all the Moss. And those words? Perfection.

Have you read The Signature of All Things? This little gem could be from the pages of that story.

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