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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Aw sad the flowers didn't open. Here's a florist trick: Freshly trimmed stems and water changes every day, and use warm water! They don't have the roots anymore so you got to force em to drink :)

Does it need to still have ears? Just askin.

Just letting you know that I have had a time of it with Typepad these past few days-to tune your blog in, that is.
But now, it's ok! Hale-luia!

OMG! LOL! I've would have thrown those flowers out but, you were still able to capture their beauty.......that 's awesome!

mary ann, this is so smile making... the finished painting, that is. : )


HA! Made me laugh and believe me, I needed that. Rock on Mary Ann. hugs, Donna

You made the dying roses gorgeous and full of life!

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