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Thursday, April 17, 2014


I really want some of the water cooler pens he has, I am looking online and there are so many different kinds. Do you know the brand or ones like them with tips like his? Thanks so much, Julie

This was beautiful and inspiring. I admire those who can draw at all, especially those who can draw on-site rather than from photos. So wonderful to see him draw and paint and watch the scene come alive. Thank you for sharing this!

Very cool! I recognized the places I saw in Lisbon and re-lived one of my favorite trips! If I watch him 10 more times I might be convinced to try it myself..
Thanks for sharing.

mary ann, i agree with the others! *thank you* for this!

the way he painted that orange circle... and drew those people...

waving from up north, nodding about the blood moon! i thought about you - and your new binoculars!!

yours in gouache and watercolor experimentation...

I just love the things you share - I get so much from your blog. Loved the video!

you find the most inspiring stuff!!! thank you for this. love love love it

L O V E D this video so much. Thanks for sharing it Mary Ann. I will be watching this again, many times over.

Oh, how I love this video. Thank you, M A. You take us to the best places. You are a force.

Oh My God!!!! I watched this over and over and over. It gives me a license to just do it. I understand why he is one of your heros.
And you are to me. If you only knew!!!!

I love watching people draw. It's mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing this.

So glad you shared this. I love his drawing too. I am taking an online class and I am drawing everyday with a pen. No pencil. Very satisfying. I love your journaling and documentation of each day.

Thanks for sharing this. He's very good. And prolific. I want to sketch that quickly and confidently! I can see why his style appeals...:) Your trip to the Ozarks with family sounds like a good and healing time.

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