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Monday, March 10, 2014


You are a natural with the watercolors.

Wonderful flower and very original and beautiful drawings , i like very much your blog.
Thank you so much for all the helpfull information about drawings, videos, techniques...
Rewards from Spain.

I too love thinking about all the universes out there ;) it makes me giddy! Everything you draw is fun and cool and beautiful and inspires me. Thank you!

Sincerest condolences to you and your family. I lost my mother several years ago and I still miss her every day. The good news is that I can still talk to her and she continues to talk to me.

I am going on a trip to Venice in September; enjoyed your information and pictures about your trip very much. Would you be willing to share information about your apartment and booking agent with us? We have searched on the net but the choices are overwhelming. If you feel that you can share information we would appreciate it greatly.

And our Mom can see all those suns (and moons and everything else) now and enjoy 'em ALL, I like to think/imagine.

such yummy and gorgeous colors to begin my day with, nothin' better than sittin here, sippin' my coffee and enjoying your sketches and a big ole splash of red and orange from a clearly content and happy flower... slice of heaven...it's grey here, lots and lots of dirty, snow...it's melting ever so slowly, so the view from here into a shared corner of Moss Cottage...priceless Mary Ann.

I opened this on my iPad and the colors were revealed as I scrolled up. Wow! What a lovely gift you gave us! I also want to thank you for the heads up on Cosmos. Another WOW! Just WOW!

You drawings and watercolors are amazing......they get better with each one you do! My undergrad and graduate work was in art.....but haven't drawn/painted for years....do play around in a journal....but need to get serious again....I am mainly a fiberartist but love journals and sketching....You are certainly an inspiration to us all!!!

That flower is gorgeous--the color is beautiful-will you sketch and paint that? The light and shine on your nail polish and perfume bottles is really good.

Just perfect; healing properties of water and pigment indeed.

It just perked me up too! We have another winter storm coming at Indiana....I yearn to see our flowers. Thanks for sharing.

I am in awe of your sketches. They fascinate me, inspire me (although I am a sloth about picking up pen and setting it to paper....a SLOTH) and most of all, they delight me. I am so happy when I see that you've shared more pages in your sketchbook, either in progress or completed. You encourage your followers, you know, to try their own sketches. (Do we MAM DFLA followers have a name, by the way? Something cool and quirky and droll? No? We should!) How I would love to sit and page slowly through your sketchbooks and journals, just to soak in the visuals. Your private writings I would skip over, I promise. It would be a fine pleasure to be able to do that and even in my imagination it's pretty darn nice. On your patio in your wicker chair...a cool drink at hand, a cat in my lap, the sun sliding down into the west and that amazing hibiscus looking like a cup of sherbet, just over there....

I am a fiber artist and I want to take one of your classes. I would like you to advise me as to the best class for what I want to do. This is what I want to do - I was a travel agent for 25 years and I have boxes of stuff from each and every trip - 55 cruises all over the world and many, many trips to foreign countries. I saved every map, napkin, matchbook, boarding pass, train ticket and money from each trip. My idea is to make a book for each trip - I already have all the stuff in a separate folder for each trip. I just need help getting started. I have a lot of blank books and I would like to make some books too. Can you help me? Pat Statzer statzerart@aol.com

Love it. Spring is on it's way! Tonight, while your looking at the stars, the half moon and Jupiter are visible. The stars are beautiful tonight.

I have been thinking of you Soo much and how you are doing with the loss of your beloved mama Moss.. Give yourself time to grieve... Love you

Wow!! That is a most amazing hibiscus flower!!! So much color! Love love love it!!

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