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Sunday, March 02, 2014


Love your sketches! At least you're younger than I am!!! :) I just turned the big 55!

Makes you normal. We all need a bit of solitude every now and then. Menas curage and strength to listen to your inner voice.
Worth waiting for.

Good to see the smoke signal - I've been thinking about you. The drawings are beautiful as usual; quiet is a beautiful place.

Appreciating your words and/or sketches, whatever.

Thinking good thoughts at you and your family.

I learn from your every line, every video, every post, every word and every mood. I learn just to be.

I've been thinking about the time leading up to my mother -- and father's -- death. And the time after. How everything felt so different, so focused, so earthy and earthly. Daily worries were stripped away, we got down to the essentials -- love, pain, fear, joy. The days were filled with feeling, supporting, whispering, the piecing together of practicalities and mysteries. And recently I found a name for it. I thought I'd share it with you. Because it is an otherworldly time.

Here is the source:http://turningwheelastrology.com/currentarticle.html

Chronos: Chronological Time

Kairos: Sacred Time

Chronos is the god of time but also is a word for time itself. This type of time is linear, pragmatic and progressive. It goes from one point to the next, one minute to the next. It follows a formula of hours, days, months, years. It is chronological. It is the kind of time that is helpful for getting our to-do lists accomplished, for scheduling dates and projects, for being productive.

Kairos is sacred time. It is time out of time. It is crazy time. It is time that is used for reflection, creation, reverie. It is time that produces nothing but a new state of awareness. Possibly art is made out of Kairos time, but that is secondary to the process. Kairos time is time spent in prayer, fasting, contemplation. Kairos is the moment when eternity enters the present. Perhaps you have experienced Kairos when looking at a particularly beautiful sunrise or full moon in the sky. Perhaps when making love. Perhaps when hearing a favorite piece of music. Kairos can also be experienced during periods of grieving, deep sadness or when reacting to danger.

:) xoxo

That's what friends are for ----------- to listen to the words or the silence, both are necessary. Love ya sister

You are an inspiration whatever way you are. You are loved and that's what is most important. BTW - ORIGINS cosmetics are some of the best on the planet...love their stuff and what it does for my skin. Take care.

Its good to see your drawings and know that while you catch your breath you are resting in the pages of your sketchbook. We understand the quiet. Love the "lady creams" with their pink shadows and promises.

Appreciate the smoke signals, sending extra hugs right now...

Silence has its own voice. We hear you and understand where you are and the need to be there. Quiet is part of the process of grief. We all deal with it in our own way and come out the other side whole but changed. Take the time and quiet, take all you need. We're here with you.

Your quiet posts are beautiful. The serenity of them is helping me as I grieve the recent passing of my own father. As well as both laughing and crying at Mama Moss stories from Carol. A lot of us are in the calm seas boat with you Mary Ann.

Love Origins stuff, especially anything that smells like ginger. Your drawings of the jars are wonderful.

Awwww. Of course we like you. We really, really like you!

MAM, even though you're a woman of few words lately, your readers understand exactly where you are right now. Many of us have been through what you are experiencing, so it resonates with us. If I were a psychologist (and actually, I am just the arm chair variety), I would say you're processing the loss of your Mom in the way that works for you. It's a good thing that you have your art to turn to while your mind is still working through this life passage. Art has the power to keep you moving, doing and living while your mind does the adjusting and assessing.

Your descriptions of what's going on around you (the rain), the things you're drawing and seeing indicate that you are still alive and living through this event. Lots of lessons here that you are sharing with us. Thank you and just know that we're listening to and reading what you're telling and showing us. And what I've read so far is pretty darn good stuff. Life lessons. Hugs to you ---- tell us more as you are moved to do so. We're patient.

Mary Ann, in case you haven't noticed...we like you, respect you and understand -- all too well -- silence and the need for calm, quiet -- while you get back with the rhythm of the universe. (Boy ...I'm long winded today!)

Quiet is good, very good, it has a rhythmn all it's own and doing something you enjoy in the quiet is even better. Enjoy to your hearts content.

We like you any way you are, Mary Ann.

Sometimes sad has few words.

e.w. here who reads every post, but rarely comments........do know how much she loves you and holds you in her heart.........and do know for sure, how much beauty she sees in that face of Mama Moss as she was when young and as she was when old.....there is a huge hole, i know. hope that you can feel the love and the hand that longs to hold yours in your grief....ellen.

haven't been here in a long while but it's wonderful to see your lovely drawings!

Glad you touched base. You've been on my mind.

My mom passed away two months ago. Sometimes I feel at peace, sometimes I feel (as you might say) vvv sad. May your memories of momma Moss be ones of love. My heart is with you.

I is wrinkled and older.
I uses creams.
I is better now.

I'm enjoying your quiet time...it can be felt. Your watercolors are powerful....I am learning that many things don't need words. I just covered my plants for the fifth freeze here in So Central Texas...rare....so I may buy big flowery sheets next time (at the resale shop) so it looks like flowers ...even covered...take care.

....we have Lab Retriever as an indefinite house guest.....she smells even the NON-Scent cream varieties....jumps up to place her paws on my shoulders (i am short) and licks cream off my face & hands until it is GONE. wrinkles = happy dog,
creamy complexion = house without a dog,

we are keeping the wrinkles.

Enjoy the quiet. You'll be able to better hear the birdsong.


I approve of the Origins purchases, you made good choices, love the way their stuff smells!

I love the 51 year old lady creams! and the piece of pine bark is very nice

I respect your silence.

In quietness, the soul speaks. We hear you.

Loving your sketches--they speak for you...hugs, Julierose

I even enjoy your silence

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