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Monday, March 17, 2014


Oh what you did with that M! I'm pretty sure that should be hanging on a wall. Happy to hear that you had no earthquake damage and hopefully the kitter cats recovered quickly.

Oh now I'm in palette lust with this super duper stupendous palette! I have a vintage British Reeves watercolor box that I spent an enjoyable afternoon attempting to re-create the paint palette that would have gone in there. I think it dates from the 1930s, and some of the colors are no longer manufactured; there was a bit of substitution, however some of the original paints were still in and with a little work are still useable even! Also own two modern palettes (one for watercolor, one for gouache), a Winsor Newton travel palette - but is that enough for my urge to collect places to stick watercolor paint? NO! Now I yearn for one of these - delightful.

I love your palette! I really want the big one to use at home.

I bought the tiny one from Jackson's in the UK last year and then found it at Blue Rooster on Vermont for almost $20 less....on Vermont! That's 3 miles away from me! The shipping from Jackson's was the same price as the palette itself and it took 3 1/2 weeks to get here. OY!

Check out Blue Rooster Art Supplies, 1718 N. Vermont, Los Angeles. (323) 661-9741.

They have the tiny one and the next size up which are both perfect for travel. ;-) They also sell the empty pans.

Been loving your watercolor adventures so very much, and I heard about the shaker in CA and of course immediately thought of you tucked away in Moss cottage and hopin' you were safe and sound. You have incredibly 'strong' roots so I'm glad to hear you and the posse are fine.

So glad all is well. I lived in Simi Valley growing up and got to experience the 6.6 in 1971. Scared me silly. I could see the earth rolling under our walnut tree, or so it appeared to me. Love all your colors. On my trip to Ireland I am only taking my wonderful little book of Nicholsons Peerless watercolor sheets. Along with my refillable brushes. Thanks for sharing.

After I heard about the quake I called to check on a friend who lives out in your neck of the woods and she said kind of the same thing....she was fine, only a broken vase....but the cat was so scared she peed all over herself.

I love that you are addicted to watercolors and have purchased the large Kremer palette. I will certainly keep you supplied with extra half pans so we can share i n enjoying the wonders of watercolor and spreading the word as well as the paint.

I am a native Californian, living in WI for the past 20 years. When I lived in Cali, I dreamt of earthquakes repeatedly. I was still living there for the big quake in 1994. For the first 10 yrs in WI, I dreamt of tornados continually. Crazy, huh. Glad all is okay there.
I truly enjoy your blog, lots of art inspiration.
Lately I've had my eye on getting an empty watercolor palette and even looked at some online. I just didn't know which to get. With your lovely blog post, I just may have found the right one for me. Thx lots!!

The pages of your sketchbooks are always a great inspiration, your colors are so bright and generous. There is a great part of your personality in these watercolors. I love the combination of pink and yellow, with the letter and the flowers. Thank you for sharing this with us !

I saw that you had an earthquake out there on the news last night. Even here in Indiana a couple of times I have felt an earthquake, strange feeling to say the least. Glad the Moss Cottage made it through unscathed. Love the idea for the watercolor pallette.

That is a palette of fabulousness.

So glad you're okay from the quake. God, I remember some of the really big ones in L.A. We had a 6.8 here on the North Coast last week, and I slept right through it! Fortunately, no damage anywhere, and no injuries. Love your watercolor gizmo -- makes me want to paint, even though I haven't ventured into watercolors yet...although I've got a couple of sets already. We'll see how that goes. So glad to hear from you as often as we do!

I lived in the Bay area when the 8.1 quake hit. I'll take an earthquake any day over a tornado!

Oh yes, LOVE the letter and the colors in the flowers beside it!! I've also been mulling over how to carry my stuff with me....so far it is still too big of a bag...and too heavy ...will rethink it! About 35 years ago we were visiting in Anaheim and I reluctantly let my two small elementary age children walk to the nearby park with their older children...I wasn't comfortable with it, but the Mother insisted it was safe....then during our coffee I felt the floor shake, the windows rattled...and my insides were screaming quietly for my children!!! She was so calm....I guess it takes a real local Californian to take it lightly and calm the Texas visitors!! All I could think about was my children...if separated wouldn't have a CLUE where to look for Mom!!! Hug those kitties!!! BECAUSE I KNOW HOW THEY FEEL!! Hugs!

i have my eye on this palette... 48 colors all in one spot!! and jacksons sells empty half pans too!


Ohhh an earthquake! Glad everyone/everything is ok!

Love love love your sketch book. It's simply wonderful.

Thanks for all the great ideas and links. I look forward to your posts. Lots of fun.

You have Kremer's. Hmm. Trying to be good because after I bought the big Schminke I , I justified it by saying to myself, self you ain't never gonna need another set of watercolors ever again. As if! I like most of their paints, but some of the colors I'm not overwhelmed with. And, more importantly, I don't really like using cakes. So despite the big splurge, I find myself buying more Daniel Smith w/c in tubes and adding to the old, messy, crazy first palette I started with.

Now, however, I never thought of taking the cake pans and popping them out and putting them in one of my small Winsor Newton traveling sets. You are brillaint! Thus, why you are a teacher of young and old.

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