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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Love the book and will look for it! Will also check out the blog. :)

Thanks for the inspirations! Love the link to Drawn the Road Again! What a cool blog!

You find the neatest things!!!! And then you share them...that's very nice! ...because I just added her to my blogroll! The book was pretty cool too!! Have a great weekend...coming up!

Oh, thank you! I needed some art beauty to start my day! Off to Amazon.....

Yummy stuff Mary Ann...getting my early morning engines revving and that does not happen very often. I love cool type and I can see why you are diggin' this book and since I love being introduced to a new blog, will run right over and take a peek.

That blog is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. Great way to start the day.

Thanks so much for sharing both of those with us. Oh, that blog................

His Pinterest boards are awesome, go after viewing his blog! Thanks MaryAnn, do you plan to read this book at school?
3-5 graders would love it!

can't wait to see what you do with the book.

whoops, my apologies, Chandler is an inspiring woman....

Thanks Mary Ann for sharing these books etc. with us! My library has the Jazz book...can't wait to see it, and the blog too is wonderful. I really enjoy these treasures you share with us! Leslie

What a find - the sketch blog is wonderful. I dream of being able to capture my travels like that. I love the Jazz book too, it's one of the kids' favourites at my library - hardly ever on the shelf, it's always checked out!

Loving the Hot Jazz Special, and you are right, that blog is great - not as great as yours of course, but I've added it to my reading list. You will always be numero uno blogger of the universe no matter what!

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