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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Waiting patiently for what is to come next! I am thinking perhaps it may be a sketchbook journal???? It doesn't matter to me....I am in love with anything and everything you do and I can't wait for another online class from you. Thank you so much for always sharing your talent.

MAM, it is so relaxing on a rainy Monday morning to look through your past weeks of journaling.....Sara Fanelli's experience with young Japanese helps PUSH us starchy-stifled adults to enjoy our daily art sketches.....I mean, its a moment that would be forgotten, but is saved because we jotted it down....

I hope your skies are clear this week for those new big sky glasses....I find it remarkable in a city with so many lights you still can see wonderful stars & details.

Oh I love the binding on your new sketchbook! I've been using Moleskines but I think when I'm done with them I'll start making my own, especially for watercolor.. speaking of, your sketches are getting better and better!!!

Mary Ann, LOVE all of your journals and this one is no exception!!! I'm hoping that somewhere in your near future is another Journal Making CLASS???? I'm in deep need of a Mary Ann Moss well-taught online class. Yours are the BEST! Any hope for this summer????

Thank you so much for introducing me to Sharon Fanelli. I loved watching the video of her making books with the children in Japan, she is charming. I also love your new sketchbooks. What kind of paper did you use in the larger one?

Oh I just love love love this journal! I have just a few pages left in mine (Thank goodness spring break is only 4 days away). You're inspiring me (as usual) as I think what my next one will look like.

hi keitha thanks for the stamp link. cant take credit for the quote its a garrison keilor prairie home companion reference said about lake wobegone. i changed it to suit ME & mine

Mary Ann, although I rarely comment I am a faithful blog reader, and wannabe creator of amazing journals. I love your writing style, and this sentence in particular "...where all the women are strong, all the cats are good-looking, and all the ideas are above average" is now going on my list of favourite quotes.

I recognized the stamp; it's made, appropriately enough, by Catslife Press - here's the web page: http://www.catslifepress.com/catalog/handmade2.htm.

Just perfect, Mary Ann. I am loving your work and your creativity. :)

Hi there Mary Ann. The way you incorporated your paint swatches into your collaged journal cover is so eye catching. A lovely cover indeed. The Sara Fanelli video was inspiring; she seems like such a gentle creative soul. I wonder if my teens would mind if we had story time tonight with one of her books - for old times sake. Of course I'd have to interrupt them watching "The Walking Dead." Better rethink that!

shirley - i got it a decade ago and thus cannot remember

Sara Fanelli: Delightful.
Japanese children: More delightful.

Love the colorful sketchbook - and the stamp is fantastic. Where might I get one of those?

Oh, I've always loved Sara Fanelli, and now even more so! Love your book too; am inspired to drag out some papers and get started!

Fabulous! And one can never have enough pictures of the doings of Mary Ann Moss. Inspiring, as always. And excited to check out more of Sara Fanelli's work.

Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking!

Awesome! Love those papers!

Thank you so much for showing us your new journal and the video from Sara Fanelli. I will be on the lookout for her books now. What a joy to see her cut up the magazine pages and make a dog with it.
Aloha, Kate

I always enjoy peeking into your books and it was lovely to see Sara Fanelli's work with children. Very inspiring. Lets cut up some magazines! lol

I found my first Sara Fanelli book in a bargain bin at the grocery store. Her work is always inspiring. Maybe we'll do our author study on her and create collage characters. What a bold use of the book pages. Moving away from preciousness of materials is always a good thing. Bold is my word for you today MaryAnn

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new journal Mary Ann, friggin' fantastic and awesome, course you never do anything that I don't fall in love with...and I see I missed a post yesterday so I'm gonna back peddle and hope not to crash in doing so but I gotta know the details and I can see you posted lots of em....later gator. I know you are gonna give this new journal a run for it's money.

What doe jazz and Mary Ann Moss have in common - they just get cooler. There you have it.

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