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Monday, March 31, 2014


Thank you for making me Waterlogued! I got the app and just for grins, I used an old watercolor reference to see what Waterlogue would paint compared to what I painted. You can see it on Flickr. I am having so much fun playing with it. The only downside is that it's so much prettier and so much easier than actually painting it myself!
Almost forgot, my Flickr:

Isn't it getting to be time for another travel class? And a book? That sucre painting makes me want to stay home from work to paint. The painting of the collected water makes me want to watch the videos from TTV again. Grateful todays work is what I hope will be an engaging workshop. Maybe I should skip yoga afterwards for painting. Maybe.

I remember the exact second when we collected that water. As soon as I saw that watercolor I was instantly back in the sacred woods stretching out my arm, hoping I did not fall over the wall. I want to go sit under a wisteria covered veranda.

Love the medicine cabinet, with no medicines. But medicines for the spirit! Are you still loving the Origins stuff?

You ordered Astro binoculars? I want some. And aren't you just loving Cosmos? Hub and I are over the moon come Sundays. Two favorites.. CBS Sunday morn. and then NDGT in the evenings. Wowsers.

what are astro binoculars?! Can you see Neil DeGrasse with them?

hi loretta,

adding the gum arabic keeps the gouache pans from crumbling. it looks the same to me. i love the chalky matte look to gouache. if you added too much gum arabic it would probably have more of a sheen and be less opaque. i think the key is adding enough not to crumble, but not too much. when i retry it in the coming weeks i will let you know how it goes!

Does adding the gum arabic affect the quality or nature of the gouache? Does it look thick or gummy or chalky? AFraid!

cortney, lately im drawing from life - right at my kitchen table. medicine cabinet is from a photo i took then looked at on my computer screen, which i sat in front of and sketched. i agree about using photos, especially for larger scenes. definitely makes things easier. whatever works!

truly divine as always sweet Mary Ann, when I'm here, peeking in this virtual window of yours into Moss cottage, this moment captured in time, momentarily contained; things just feel better...I think it's being surrounded by your splashes of color that do it...magical how that happens, happy you are enjoying your day...xox

These drawings remind me of Danny Gregory's in his first book, An Illustrated Life. He has refined his drawing skills over the years, but they still have the same "character," his personal style, just like yours do. Drawing from life opens our eyes so that instead of just looking, we're "seeing," two totally different things.

I'm glad you're experimenting with so many media. I wish I liked gauche but it's too chalky for my liking. I love the transparency of watercolor....it makes my eyes smile.

MAM! I am ONBOARD with the water coloring! not so much with gouache (though I love that word). And I love to pop over here and see what kind of things you are sketching. Please please tell me: are you taking a photo of your subject? And printing it? Or are you parking yourself in front of it, and sketching from real life/real time? I am finding it much easier to isolate shapes & shades from a photo, but I'm a freshly hatched watercolor beginner (& loving every second of it). I want to paint ALL the things!

You're so funny! I'm glad you'll try the gouache experiment again. I'm sure you'll have better results.

And I love your medicine cabinet sketch. Your sketches are so vibrant.

Also, did you receive the package?

Ah...you have explained sketching for me. Now I understand, not that it needs a "Purpose" if you enjoy it.

I love your drawing's askewedness! It's so you...it's perfect!

your medicine cabinet sketch is quite wonderful!

I LOVE your medicine cabinet all askew. And I also love that there's hardly any medicine in it. Healthy medicine cabinet.

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