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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey! I've stayed at that place. It is one of the best places I've ever ever stayed. If they don't provide an Aussie meat pie for breakfast make sure to find out where you can get one from the owners. It's a magical little place. I hope you get to be there for lots of sitting time.

Very pretty photos. Why, the succulents look so succulent!

Beautiful, Mary Ann! Wish I had your green thumb. :)


Your photos are absolutely fabulous, and so are you!

Whatever the big blue getting the love from the bee is it is glorious.

Love these photos. Love succulents. Your blog is a brightness in my day.

I like the bee butt

A trip through your garden is a feast for the eyes

Gorgeous photos - and i love the rusty hangery thing that is sitting over the succulents. I am most intrigued to see where you're going this time - and otters - ooooooh! Just ooooh. I can't decide if it's somewhere on the Puget Sound/San Juan Islands, or if it's somewhere east in the Adirondacks. I love going to Europe, but when one gets away from the urban sprawl there are some really great places right here at home too.

That cabin looks lovely. I'm jealous already, to have such a view from your window. Can't complaint too much though since I'll be going on a little trip tomorrow myself. A whole week in an appartment on one of the neighbouring islands where I've never been before (so it's about time). My appartment is not as cute as your cabin looks but it has a double bathroom and a diswasher and is about a 100 yards from the ocean, so I'll feel like I'm in the lap of luxury and plan to watch many sunrises and sunsets. Yay! Enjoy your getaway plotting!

IF your little boat and otters are anywhere near Seattle, you can count on me for a meal/guest room/travel assistance/anything. (IF I am home, of course. It's a busy summer. Just the kind I like....) I'm glad you have that in your future just as I am glad I have Iceland in mine.

Love the succulents! I keep adding to my collection, too. What is it about succulents, anyway? They just get more and more interesting as the years pass by. Guess that means I am officially a geezer? Yeah, probably.


Otters!!! :D

OMG, that little cabin looks adorable!! Thanks for these photos - I like knowing it's warm and spring somewhere in the world. Plus 11C yesterday, minus 11 tonight (minus 20C with the windchill!) and we got six inches of fresh snow here in Toronto today. Sigh.

Loving the view of greens and blues, so many delicious colors in your garden. I wish I could walk by for real. I'll dream of doing that tonight I'm excited you are planning a little getaway to a secret hide away cabin...wonderful. I'll tag along in your pocket if I may, may I? Speaking of blues..I've been havin' a hankerin, a deep, deep longing to create an indigo dye vat and plop in some lovely fabrics, experimenting with shades of blue and then using it for journals, or sharing some of it...ideas. I've never created an indigo vat but I think I want to give it a go and see what happens. I'm hatching a plan for when I can go outside and make messes in my back yard, replace all that white stuff with splashes of brilliant colors. yup, it's melting and the great thaw of 2014 is on. I shouldn't speak just yet, it can snow here in April and one can never get to comfortable in March. ;)

Jealous you have green and blooms while I am here in New Hampshire waiting for the snow to melt, and hoping this storm stays all rain tonight-but they say that isn't going to happen.
So your cabin, can I request a clue where you are going?

So many of your pictures take me back to the sunny Cape Town garden of my childhood - where I longed for the daffodils that are now flowering in my London window-boxes!

so many beautiful plants in your yard. i love succulents--so many different shapes and shades of color. Looks like a lovely little room in that cabin

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