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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Just spent last weekend in Amsterdam and found a wonderful paper shop called Vlieger at Amstel 34.
What a treat. Amsterdam was surprisingly beautifull and lively city. Want to go back

Holy gorgeous paper! I could stare at your journals all day long. Just amazing!

What wonderful paper! It is so fun to collect cool paper from different places.

Your journals and blog are always above average! Thanks for keeping all of us at your table with great shots and tips. Here's to handsome cats! (mine's called Tigger)

Swoon! Your art journal posts make my day :) and I will be looking for that tape next time I'm in Home Depot!

This post and the luscious papers.....ummmmm good!

you're awesome! :)

Beautiful looking work, as usual <3

Love your ending! xo

"over and out from moss cottage. where all the women are strong, all the cats are good-looking, and all the ideas are above average."

Well, yes. Well said.


Those are some fine papers you are fixing to use. I heartily approve -symmetry or not.

I painted on some Golden's Tar Gel on vintage wallpaper and it made it kind of like vinyl for a cover.

Symmetry is over-rated :)

Loving your Keilor-esque quote - how perfectly perfect indeed!

Super nice! Beautiful looking. Thanks for the tape tip too! That Pentel pen you rec'd a few years back is aces!

I can definitely identify with the statement "symmetry is not my suit"!

Your posts are always a treat. There is a new lettering book coming out March 25 - "Hand-Lettering Ledger: A Practical Guide to Creating Serif, Script, Illustrated, Ornate, and Other Totally Original Hand-Drawn Styles" by Mary Kate McDevitt that looks really good. I've got my copy pre-ordered!

susan - i have no idea, but it is very common. should be easy enough to locate in any hardware store

And so, let me be the first to ask, what kind of tape is it called and what part of Home Depot is it in?

I love adhesives

"where all the women are strong, all the cats are good-looking, and all the ideas are above average." They certainly are! HaHa. Oh, I love that brown paper sticky tape too.

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