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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I am loving the free-ness and spontaneity of your watercolor workings!! so you! So beautiful and pure!!

Glass...think" see thru layers"....big shaded shapes in back (thru glass)...brighter colors medium shapes on side of glass closer to you....snappy little highlites to bring out edges.........:).... Glass. Jw

That's gorgeous. Obviously, no pencil was needed!

Mary Ann...love your work!! And the bobsled team was hilarious!! Did you see where they said they were "cold?!" So great!!

You do have four words because the 2 is a numeral. HA HA! Sorry. The teacher in me. ;D Besides, we're all too busy drooling over your gorgeous work!

Love your sketches! Enjoy the Winter Olympics. I am amazed at the training these people do, just to get there, much less win a medal. Thanks for the tips from the MAMSOS. Is that going to be the next online class? I need a reason to practice still and that would help. I have been checking out the watercolor photo taking app called Waterlogue. May not have to keep practicing, just use the app to get lovely watercolors of whatever you photograph. I know it is cheating but I might be able to learn from it.
Aloha, Kate

Oh, these flowers are stunning-Ithink your work is exquisite, and I'm getting it's probably because you practice!
What a concept and MAMSOS is an ingenious thought along with the 'class in your head'. May your trip be blessed, and all your family, too. Safe travels to you!

Olympic Fist Pump and Cowbell Ring (Cowbell Clang?) for your sketches.
Please prepare yourself for the Sketchers Podium.
Love your sequined outfit too.

Your pages are gorgeous Mary Ann, I could fall into those luscious colors. I think it's safe to say that your sketching ability is bumping right along as it is supposed to and you get to call all the shots, I think I'd listen to that lesson plan in your head; it is a good, good thing. Adore the coloring on that jar of flowers. Made my heart jump a beat in a good way. As i'm writing this, there is more snow coming, we're told to prepare for blizzard conditions and as I look out my window, it has started, if they are right, gonna snow all day well into this evening so that being the case I'm heading to the studio, gonna stay in, stay cozy and play! wishing you a safe journey on your visit with Mama Moss. I won't bother with words here. My heart is full for all of you. xoxo

Mary Ann, I am thinking of you as you prepare for your trip to see Mama Moss this weekend. Please give her a hug from all your readers so she feels embraced and safe. Just imagine all that love coming from all over the world to her in Kansas. Jacki's video suggestion "world-through-hands" was beautiful and poignant. I hope everyone checks it out. Thanks Jacki.

I really like the watercolor only sketches; I think they are lovely without added lines... ethereal

now do fairy wings -

Such loose, watery, scrumptious, goodness!! Love them all..and giggled out loud, " I know oranges aren't glass or metal"...I love you!!!xxx

Beautiful. I especially like the last page in your 'old' sketchbook. Painting transluscent things is so hard. I still don't really get how to do it.

Love you work and even more the joy that shows through your work, I have found this 4 min video for Carol, but thought you might like it too?
A quiet, thoughtful four minute video

And these are your paintings when you're being "too lazy"? Oh my.

actually, is a number a word? Maybe. but not here.

I think you should come here and start painting some snow! cant imagine what foliage even looks like anymore, but your paintings strike a distant memory!

love the "working sketchbook" concept and of course, your sketches. always.

did I tell ya how much I love to see your art work......and how much it inspires me to paint every day.......thank you miss mary ann moss.......xoxoxox

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