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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


these journal pages.

Haven't left a comment in ages. But I was so pleased to read this post and to hear how lovely your class is. It seems like such a wonderful and deserved gift after the time you had before your sabbatical. And it goes without saying, your journal pages are magnificent. I love seeing how your creative work has evolved over the years. It inspires me to follow whatever creative urges take me.

Three cheers for your terrific class! Wonderful!

So lovely. I always look forward to your posts, and I'm happy that the transition back to working life has been a good one, and into a good situation. That's GREAT. Cheers!

Yes, a classroom of thoughtful, well brought up children is magic. How blessed you are! And you still make time for all the wonderful art? You also make my days magic!

you pages are so beautiful. And reading about how happy those kids make you made me a little teary too. Children can be MAGIC!

mary ann, how special this is for you and what a relief it must be after your last experience. these kids sound exceptional. they are growing and blooming within themselves and it just took someone with respect for them to bring it on. i wish you could have been my grandkids teacher, one of them especially needed someone like you. hopefully you can stay with this group for a while, you will all benefit :)

What an appropriate return after your sabbatical. An assignment to a classroom that reminds you of why you teach! I always remind my own children that their teachers have a very difficult job & deserve the utmost respect regardless of wether they 'like' them or not. Really it is about teaching our children that basic golden rule 'treat others how you want to be treated' It unfortunately is lost on so many parents. Our children model our behavior not what we say. Always love hearing about your teaching. & the journals thrown in...swoon!

everytime i see your post in my email i smile because i know you will have something interesting to share. thanks for that.

I am so happy for you, Mary Ann. And for those wonderful, fortunate kids to have you for however long. They are fortunate children for so many reasons. I hope you can guide them through the rest of the year.

I hope you get to stay with the class and they hire you to be the permanent teacher, I hope the forces will move the universe so this will happen for you. Every teacher deserves a wonderful class and your journal pages are awesome too.

Beautiful journal pages, Mary Ann. I love seeing them all together like this. Powerful stuff!

I'm glad to hear how enjoyable your class is at the new school. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a permanent position would happen?

As an aside: Have you read any books by Lisa See? She wrote Snowflower and the Secret Fan, which became a best seller. I contacted her when my online book club read the book. Very approachable. Her background is that her Great-grandfather was one of the early settlers in the Los Angeles area. She is a columnist for the LA Times. I haven't kept up with her lately, but being that you're ensconced in China Town you might be interested in her books.

I feel such calm when I look at your wondrous drawings with the fluid paints and the inky lines accentuating the colors. And then you go on to speak of your kids and their kindness and helpfulness, even one's remorse for having made a blunder, and I relax for you, knowing how badly needed this was. This classroom was out there in the universe waiting for a healthy dose of MAM...and they gifted you right back in return with their conscientious ways and big hearts. There really IS good in the world.

OH, MAM! I told you this would be a two way street with these kiddos. How lucky they are to have you for their teacher. The fact that they are wanting to be helpful and close to you says it all!

As for you, what a wonderful thing for you to get such a good class to restore your energy and invigorate you to give them what they need.

This is going to be a interesting few months for all of you. Can't wait to hear what happened inside your magical classroom each day. For them AND for you.

Oh, and thanks for sharing your pages. You've been busy. ;) And having fun.

Terrific pages, and I'm so glad that this classroom of kids exists! xox

I'm so happy to hear of your great experience, while teaching at this school. I wish all your classrooms could be as nice as this one. Thanks for sharing all your journal pages. I truly love seeing your sketch/paintings. Wonderfully done!

Love, love, love these pages. The overview just makes them even more special, as your style definitely shines through. Thank you again, as alway, for the inspiration.

I pray you get to have them a long while!! What a blessing!! And your pages are so beautiful and full of color and interest!! I am always inspired!!!

Love the journal! Love that you have a great class! My husband is a professor and as the years go by the really good, conscientious students become fewer in number. It's such a joy to have them show up in your work and he really cherishes those students. Happy you've found a classroom full of them!

Beautiful pages!! Love all the nature inspiration, that is my greatest source of inspiration as well xx
Enjoy your days with those awesome kiddos!

What I love most about following your blog is that in every post I can feel love and joy bursting from you. Even when you were teaching in the inner city and had a frustrating day, there was still love there for those kids. It's the same with Carol too; both of you have this uncanny ability to find the treasure in even the most heartbreaking situations. Angie did goooood with the two of you! (Dottie and your brother too I'm sure!)

My socks are officially twirled... simply gorgeous pages... can't stop looking at them!
Does my heart good knowing that your students are making your world a happier place; so deserved as you pour so much happiness into ours with all that you share here. thank you, thank you, thank you!

The world as it should/could be. What a prize!

Love the journals. So glad you're having a great teaching year. Yes, great parenting and extra special teachers. Godsent!

I really hope that school realises what a treasure they have in YOU and offer you a permanent post! Good things DO happen to good people, sometimes!

So glad that your foray back into teaching landed you in such a nice classroom! i just LOVE your journal pages. I have watched with great pleasure all your sketching in the last couple of years--

Loverly art, MAM. And so nice to know children like that still exist in the world.

Aw, I love hearing this! And yes, 9-11 year olds have this innocent-wise duality about them. And are generally still so eager to please! But then they hit 12 and it's all downhill from there... (I kid--okay, not really.)

Are the kids in your school mostly Asian? I'm wondering if the better parenting is a cultural thing. We (caucasians raised in our cockamamie culture)don't seem to do so well with child raising by and large these days.

Your posts always make me smile. Thanks.

Fabulous eye candy Mary Ann. Yum. Next page please :) It is so nice to hear how special your class is. Enjoy the rest of the week!

After having a most frustrating inner city school day myself today, I'm SOOOO happy you've found a nice home. What a wonderful way to ease back into it after your sabbatical. Good parenting?!?! Well, imagine that. :)
Your pages are just fantastic. I'm always so inspired coming for a visit. :) Happy hump day!

Can I just print out your journal pages and paste them into mine? I promise to write down the credits. Honestly, how can you keep producing such beautiful work day after day! I am so happy to hear that you have an entire classroom of students who appreciate your efforts. But, I am wondering when the next class is coming down the line for us on-line learners;)

I'm so pleased that these are such a sweet bunch of kids... warms my heart on a cold and chilly night. I'm glad they are getting to enjoy you too...little do they know the magic you keep up your sleeves...your journal pages were weaved with such magic, well that and a few good brushes, pens, ink and paint maybe too...and of course your desire to journal whenever the mood strikes. So good, yes indeed.

Love this post and hearing about these love able kids. I was really farklempt see all your artwork laid next to each other, you are so prolific and talented.

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