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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


That commercial WAS such a welcome change, so glad you mentioned it.
It was so very right for the now that you and carol are in, and many of us right along with you.

Oh, so sorry about your Momma. Beautifully touching poem. Thanks for sharing so much with we little followers out here.

What a wonderful character your mother was. I feel I got to know her through your and Carol's blogs xx

Right on, Mam.

Isn't it beautiful? I have always loved that poem, and when I saw the commercial for the first time it really grabbed me. I was so mesmerized by it, now I can come to your post and hear it over and over again. That last line is so profound.

I love that commercial, the words stop me every time it comes on, I savor them. So sorry to hear of your loss and so glad you made it home in time. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your life

I am a relatively new follower, but had to add my appreciation today. After reading the poem; one that spoke to me of the loss of my own mother, I discovered i could find all your shared poems together...I have been reading and reading and feeling so blessed by them. I am a fan of writer's almanac also, and I love the poems of e.e.cummings. You have introduced me to some writers I don't know; thank you. My soul is more peaceful from your sharing; your humanity is a gift to us all. thank you.

This commercial stops me in my tracks whether they play the long version or the short. Every time. How can we not want more and more and more poetry in our lives. What a sad and disorienting place it would be otherwise.

What a powerful line of verse itself that has blazed through all these years from the pen of the original writer. Thank you for bringing it forth here at this time, in the midst of the mystery you are traveling.

When I first saw this commercial, I wrote down that line in my daily journal..."That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse". Clearly Mama Moss contributed an amazing verse...and her verse lives on in her wonderful loving children.

Love that poem, which I heard for the first time in that commercial. Powerful.

Mary Ann, I want to add my sincere condolences to you and your family at the loss of your mama moss! Clearly.....she was a woman never to be forgotten! I have enjoyed pictures and stories of her from you and Carol these past few years; how fortunate you all were to have each other. You are in my thoughts. Leslie

indeed. thank you.


I have been enthralled with this ad since it first came out. I'm so glad it has given you comfort. Isn't it amazing where comfort can come from during our most troubling times? Sending thoughts of peace your way...

Mary Ann, what an awesome sentiment. My thoughts are with you. I watched this commercial during the Olympics, and thought, WOW, after it was over. So poignant, and how thought provoking. Sending love and hugs your way....

Beautiful commercial and poem. Love it. What will your verse be? Good question,eh? And so timely.

Sending hugs as you go through the missing process.

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