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Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello Mary Ann, this is my first visit to your blog, and I am enjoying it a lot. It is so refreshing, so original, I love it.

Love your "baseballs". You are so inspiring!
Aloha, Kate

hi katherine,

my watercolor palette was only 15 buckeroos. i took out the student grade cotman colors and filled with individual winsor newton half pans. as they run out i will fill them with WN tube watercolor. i have a cheapo plastic palette for my guoache tubes. the supplies make no difference in the act of creating. honestly. it is having a dedicated space to work in that makes the difference for me. you see them sitting there and you WANT to draw & paint.

Lurker here...just had to say I love the picture of the watercolor half pans. I would love to make the switch from tubes squeezed out onto my cheapo plastic palette to nice, chunky half pans. But, I have yet to do it...too many dang hospital bills. Grrrrr!
Beautiful paintings, by the way. Very inspirational. I'm wondering if bringing my supplies out of the little bedroom that stores them and into actual living space would spark more painting time-?! What keeps you so prolific?

Those are my kind of baseballs!


Sweet Dreams, rest up, do something extra special for yourself, in other words INDULGE and enjoy every inch and second of the weekend. Is it a long one for you guys? No school on Monday? I hope so, so you have another day to play and do whatever your delightful, heart and soul desires. Sending you some super duper working-stiff busting energy through the wires...K A P O W, Z I N G, Z A P!!!!!!

Oh how clever! Love the baseball stitched floral sketches. Have a splendid week-end.

I hear ya, I'm impressed you were painting at 9:30! I used to be such a night owl, but the whole getting-up-early-and-going-to-work-all-day thing has really cramped my creative style! Have a fantastic weekend, Mary Ann; can't wait to see where it takes you!

Love your baseballs! Hope you have a lovely, creative weekend!

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