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Monday, February 03, 2014



You make me smile...

You make being an adult look like fun, just like Jesse Reno. I was thinking how I can't wait until it was my turn then.... BAM! It hit me, I am an adult now time to start having fun. Any tips? Or should I just leap?

I was a bit disappointed there was no apple crisp photos or recipe being shared in this post since that's one of my favourite desserts (guess I'll have to look on Carol's blog for that) but my goodness, what a fabulous drawing/painting and I love, love, love the placement of the one apple on the left hand page = genius!

Mary Ann,
you achieved so much depth and volumn in your apple paintings, and I love how you applied the paint so it showed your brushstrokes.

Until my almost two-year-old gets bigger (and easier) OR I win the lottery (which I never play) OR I finish my zombie novel and self publish it on amazon (that is not a joke) and make tons of money and can quit my day job, watching you on your blog is the only visual art I have time for. Lucky for me, it's fresh, fun-loving, soul feeding and inspiring. If there was ever a doubt in my mind that art makes people's lives better, you've answered it. Thank you!

PS Don't let the crazy sentence structures above worry you about my zombie novel. Really.

You're so inspiring! The apples are lovely

You never, ever fail to bring a big smile to my face whenever I see what you've been drawing and watercoloring! Was feeling really tired from limited sleep, and you brightened my entire outlook, and the reason is that when I see your work it's so approachable and brilliantly colored.
Thank you for that...

Those are fantastic! I love your bold color choices, especially the purple shadows. Love seeing your sketchbook in action.

Wonderful apples! They look juicy and delicious. It is so inspiring to see what you've been up to in your sketchbooks. I am always happy to see your latest pages. it's good of you to share them.


Apple crisp immediately brought up memories of Mother's Apple crisp..the smell, the taste...warm and sweet and oh so comforting. Thank you for reminding me of her and her baking...and thanks for once again transporting me to another place through your posts...this time, a happy childhood place...xxx

awesome dahling...simply awesome!!! Hey I did my first sketch today, I think you'd be proud of me. I gave it a shot and heck, I don't know why I've not done it before, it was fun, I didn't die of embarrassment and the sketch police did not come banging on my door to arrest me. I now understand the 'draw' of the draw. Woot, woot. I did a sketch of my scissors and a bottle of blick paint. I used the journal I made up in 'Sewn' and when I get home from taking dd #2 to dance, I'm gonna paint them in. Honey Crisp is my fave apple and has MN roots so I'm kind of partial to it. Your colors are amazingly vibrant....ADORE as always.

Mmm, honey crisp are my favorite. You're very talented with a brush!

they are lovely.

Never mind. If I could read I would have seen it is watercolor

Did you use gouache? Is it a lot different from watercolor

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