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Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Happy New Year (a little late)! These are beautiful!! I love all of your sketches… your style is incredible and I find myself constantly drawn to them. Keep up the sketching and paper stitching and all the great things you do. Much love to you in the upcoming year!

What a rich and delicious year!! Hope 2014 is just as fabulous for you! xx Michelle

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Mary Ann......thanks for always inspiring me.............love all that you do.....here's to a exciting new creative year...cheers! and also loved your yummie cocktail recipes that you and your sister post.....you crack me up beside inspiring me to paint......and was thankful for your class sewn.......xoxox

Just wonderful!
Wishing you a most fabulous 2014 Mary Ann!
xo natalea

What a great remembrance of pleasures past! Your creative kaleidoscope inspires me. Thank you for sharing it here and Happy 2014 to you!

I'm thinking they look like a most wonderful box of chocolates. Every one is delicious and you just can't choose!
Hm, wonder if each of these images could be made into "inchies" or magnetic tiles....

I want to see them all mingling together in a blurb book. Xo

This is a feast for the eyes! Happy New Year, Mary Ann.

Stunning, breath-taking, inspiring...running to work in my journal right now! Happy, happy new year!

Seeing them all together is a treat. You have created an abundance of color and design. Really beautiful.

Thanks for the inspiring, colorful start to the year! I love seeing your pages. It makes me happy.

Happiest creative wishes for you in 2014.


I like seeing them hanging out together too, thanks for another inspiring post. xo

I really enjoyed hanging out with you in 2013 ~ it felt like I was along with you on all your exploits. Wishing you all the best in 2014! Hope you won't be making yourself too scarce around here, what with reupping your day job again. We'll all be right here waiting to hear about your adventures. Love to you!

Whenever I feel like I need a little boost, or perspective, or recalibration of the ol' artistic compass, I pop by your (virtual) house. You never fail to sort me out again - I thank you again for the gifts that you generously share. Sending you and the cats lots of hugs and sunshine and color on a rainy day (because we like those too) for the coming year.

Happy New Year Mary Ann. Wishing you all the best and everything in-between and under the sun. I'm toasting you with a jar of ink instead of champagne. Seems appropriate at this hour of the morning....

Happy New Year Mary Ann...can't wait to see what comes next!

What a wonderful record of your magic year all the journals will be. In the midst of school chaos you can come home to the safety of Moss Cottage and dip into them and remember and then, think of travels to come and know you can get through what you have to to get to the next sabbatical. Happy New Year!

How rich and wonderful every year is for you. You make it that way through your vision. No matter what external circumstances present themselves, happy or trying; you see (and record) all that is beautiful. It is beautiful because YOU see it as meaningful, beautiful and worthy of capturing. Dear dear Mary Ann, you will have another wonderful year traveling on.

Joy follows meaning.

Seeing all the pages together just confirms that I really love your style. And Happy New Year to you Mary Ann! Can't wait to see what it brings for you!

What a riot of colour! Happy New Year Mary Ann!

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