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Friday, December 20, 2013


And who sez LA doesn't have changing seasons!

Your photos are truly amazing!!! Love!!

Wonderful photos. I do love the colors in the succulents best.

Thanks so much for the glorious photos. You have a lot of color down in LA. Everything is just a bit brown here. I do wish it would rain!
Aloha, Kate

I am going a little bit gaga at the abundance of color you're being surrounded by right in your own little world...glorious stuff...love, love your photos so very much.

Ohhh Sharon....I love what you said!!! Actually I love getting older...I can say what I want, dress like I want and sleep and eat when I want....I guess I always could have, but too tired to pretend to do it right?....THEREFORE TRUE COLORS COME OUT IN THE AUTUMN OF ONE'S LIFE!! Life is good in the AUTUMN!! AND MISS MAM....what gorgeous things you are seeing and gathering for us....I will check my garden tomorrow morning!! I doodled today...it was heavenly!! Thanks for such inspiration and descriptions to paint us a picture for our minds

did you know that the color of leaves in the autumn is their true color? The greens of spring and summer are really chlorophyl pumping thru them, but when cold weather prevents that flow the green dies out and the real colors show. Thus the old saying "you cannot hide your true color in the autumn of your life." go figure!!!!!

Very yummy and delicious indeed!

OMG...only YOU could make winter look like this! Breathtaking!

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