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Monday, December 23, 2013


Oh me oh my, I am having so much fun nosing around your blog! found you is someone posted one of your journals on Pinterest. You are a hoot, I love the way you do things , with delight and abandon., learning along the way. You are just what I need. I adore watercolor, but struggle most of the time. Well, maybe not most, but a lot of the time. I work small as I get intimidated by large blank spaces. I shall enjoy hanging out with you! Cheers and Happy new Year, Margie

hi!, what's a strawberry tree? does it have real strawberries on it at some point? will you take a picyure of one for me/us? one day cuz i onlynknow sort of jacaranda trees maybe out by the beverly center once upon a time
havn't been to la in many years now- love your drawings keep making them

This just may be my favorite post ever, although it's hard to say with all of the wonderful ones you have. But, the chatter, oh the chatter. Yup. Hope you had a merry Christmas. Thinking of you in Kansas here in our 80+ LA/Orange County weather.

Have a Merry Merry one, Sweet Mary Ann. Love it all, your muckin' is good!!!!! Enjoy our deep freeze! Us middle earth folks don't leave home without at least a dozen layers or so... VBG See Santa is really actually just a skinny, stick of a guy, it's just that he has on so many layers (flying through the sky at night around the world is pretty frosty work) that he just looks all round and jolly, it's all those layers...unlike me, I'm am round and jolly regardless of the layers...he he he...

Love seeing the evolution of these pages, they look fabulous! Merry Christmas to you and your family, safe travels!

Love hearing you think as you go along! Safe trip to Kansas-hope it will be a little warmer in a few days.

A safe good journey to the North! Love and good food will keep you warm.

I've never considered you to be someone who is trying to make totally accurate illustrations....are you? You style seems to be a lot more whimsical which I like. Grids? uh, no. Reign in MaryAnn? I think not.

Love the inner dialogue! And the pages are fabulous, even in the beginning when you didn't like them! :)

Merry Christmas and safe travel. My brain travels the same road as I put pen and paint to paper, and it is great fun getting a glimpse into someone else's creative process.

Love the wonky grid and the results of your following you bliss. The "top side back" seed pod looks like crepe myrtle to me. Your illustrations are beautiful are so inspiring.
Best wishes to you and family in Kansas. Safe journey.

I've studied Botanical Illustration but did not complete the course. This way of drawing botanicals is so much more interesting to look at. I wouldn't be concerned with other people's ways of drawing. You have got it nailed.

love the 'nature kick' your're on, and that you include shadows...and keep working and trying stuff...have fun journaling with your sis in Kansas and Happy Holidays! safe travels...

LOVE the grid evolution! Thanks for sharing the process. It adds so much enjoyment to viewing the sketches. I'm just nosey, I guess, but I like to know what you are thinking. (Not that it is any of MY business!)

Safe and happy travels, MA.


Okay, that rose hip sketch in photo #5 looks like an amazing illustration from a good kid's book! Love it. And the mod color combos, too.

Love hearing about your internal artistic process and how you don't give up...Knoxville seems to be out of the picture thank GAWD . Safe travel to Kansas where it will seem like the North Pole. Have enjoyed our sojourn to Lillie's lakefront.Peaceful times uncomplicated days winter beach times. Shumi enjoyed the beach that made me happy for a week. Sophie and I braid and unbraiding her hair..a lot and we have been mother daughter crocheting..thinking of you with love...

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