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Friday, December 13, 2013


I could just eat doc martin with just about anything at hand!

hi cindy,

this sketchbook doesnt have rounded corners on covers or pages. yes i make it exactly the same way i do my regular visual journals and use the exact same paper 140 lb hotpress

A question about your sketchbook: Are you making your own bound book in the manner you make your journals, but with watercolor paper? And how did you achieve those wonderful rounded corners for the book covers?

That settles it. I'm getting me some watercolors.

Looking at your cat i want a ragdoll for my next kitty. love your studies of the plants. And you have a wonderful batch of colours in your paintbox... Pleased to hear that Mama Moss is adapting well...

Glad to hear that Angie is adjusting. It is so hard to move a parent into a home, but the fact that you know they are safe and cared for makes it all worth it. And, there is company and activities. Nobody wants to lose their independence, but sometimes that's just the way it is. Glad you are enjoying Doc Martin -- check out William and Mary, that is rather fun too. The sun is shining here today, and your lovely sketches have inspired me to dig out the paints. Maybe I will do a donut study series... yum. Happy Saturday!

One of my favourite lines, Mrs Tishell - "I could just eat him with a spoon". Love this series!
Your watercolors are beautiful.
Glad your mama is adjusting. She seems like such a sweet woman.

Love these sketches (and the peek into your art room, swoon) I don't currently have the time or maybe the patience for such detailed sketches but your sketches very much make me want to find the time and sketch.

You are getting really, really amazingly good Mary Ann, you attention to all those tiny details is wonderful, lovely really and could the 'missus' look any cuter????? She is stealing your thunder on this one, ADORABLE!!!!!!! and then some. Enjoy the weekend, stay all cozy in Moss cottage and have a relaxing weekend!!!!! PS, a few good brushes can spoil one, it's hard to go back but oh they are such fun to paint with!!!!!

Have I mentioned how comforting it is to see your glasses scattered about on your work table? Well, it IS a comfort. I now need to put cheaters on over my regular milk-bottle bottom specs to read at night (when my eyes are so so tired) and if I am doing close work of any kind. I just plop the over-the-counter reading glasses on over my always-on-my-face regular specs and I'm good to go. Sort of like Karen Blixen used to wear two hats. There's a great photo of her in her house, wearing two hats. Really. So, two pairs of glasses at once doesn't seem so odd to me now. That's a comfort, too.

Have I mentioned I might be getting a tad eccentric?

Getting old isn't easy.


Your botanical painting is so lovely. Kudos to Carol for visiting mama moss so frequently! Going downt to Obx next week for a visit , your drawings inspire some beach walking and sketching.

Your nature studies are quite delightful. I am in love with the pillow on your art room chair. Did you make it?

What excellent drawings. You're really getting good at it! Have a lovely weekend. xo

hi joan,

its doc martin the uk series. all the seasons are on netflix. love!!

Lovely little nature finds! And a great job sketching/painting them.

Is your last sentence a reference to a book you're reading? If so, what's the title?


Could Corky be more comfy? I think not! Love, love, love your nature bits sketches. Just ordered the final season DVD of Doc Martin and it will be here Monday - looking forward to that.

Princeton brushes are some of my favorites..funny you like them too. Doc Martin was devoured in a very short time..fell in love with the location and village folks...funny, you like it too. My two cats bring me great joy on a daily basis...funny, I think yours do too. You love nature walks and the bits and bobbles found along the way...funny, I do too. If we lived closer together, I feel we would be great friends..our similarities...well, they're funny too!

I caught my breath when I saw the tiny nature studies. They are too wonderful. What a lovely meditative experience it is to do these. I love teeny brushes. You're right; everything does get very quiet.

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