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Monday, December 30, 2013


love these and love SNICKERDOODLE as a word!!

i just love your sketch of your mama….i checked carol's blog and got to see the three of you together. glad that you were able to spend part of the holidays with them. i am so jealous of your palm springs trip with pam. some day i will do an art retreat there.
happy happy new year to you. i hope that 2014 will bring you joy.

What a beautiful poem. I will try to commit it to memory for those wild thing moments that break open in the night. In the meantime, your journaling is surely a balm for your soul and my eyes.

Beautiful poem. Nature is solace.

Beautiful, soothing poem. I have been where you are, your in my thoughts and prayers.

Nature is a wonderful balm for the soul. Being an avid birder, my world revolves around the natural world and the creatures who live their lives in perfect harmony with their environment. There is wonderment happening daily at my birdbath beneath my living room window. A robin graced us with her presence yesterday. Lovely.

If you can find a copy of Hal Sundials of the Seasons, grab it. He was a naturalist who wrote a column about nature in the newspaper. This book is a compilation of those columns.

Your art has evolved, well done.

Nature is so healing...lovely post...

I spent most of today trying to come up with my "one little word" for 2014...and then, BAM! There you are with "snickerdoodle"...REALLY!
I think I'll go in a different direction! You always make me laugh at just the right time!
Happy New Year Mary Ann!

Courage for dealing with the aging of Ms. Moss. And thank you for the kick ass poem.

Next to "snickerdoodle" my word for 2014 (which I wasn't going to do this year) seems rather plain jane: "balance". I'm feeling the urge to peruse my thesaurus which still sits by my computer.... yes, indeedy. A word should delight the palate as well as inspire the soul.

Don't you just love some good poetry. Words strung together in a balm for the soul.
Happy New Year!!

Thank you, Mary Ann. That is just what i needed to hear right now.

Not only because I'm enamored with my your art but because of our shared love of a lovely poem (The Peace of Wild Things), I'm certain we are kindred spirits.

Oh Mary Ann! That poem! Takes my breath away and one I'll keep close. And that orangey red you're using makes me want to doodle and paint like nothing else has in recent days.

This poem was lovely; perfect for my mood at the moment. Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann. Peace be with you in 2014.

Adoro le tue storie, i tuoi segni e i tuoi colori!!
Ti auguro un meraviglioso anno nuovo!!

Go humor. Go good wine. Go poems. Go Mary Ann. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, MA. Adventure and humor and the 'peace of wild things' be yours in 2014.


I so want the sketch of Momma Moss on my wall. It is perfection!

Thank you for the Berry poem. It is very universally soothing and comforting.

"For a time, I rest in the grace of the world, and am free." Sweeter, more true words may not exist. It makes me exhale just to recall those moments spent in the stillness of nature and how it connects me to what matters most. Thank you for this lovely poem.

And hello to my neighbor Ginny who posted b/4 me once again! We are connected in the blog world once again!

Happy New Year to all!

It is so hard to lose a mother. We lost ours several months before she left this world. It was difficult physically as well as emotionally. The poem that Dottie sent, though, feels like slipping into a lap and being covered with wings(it's cold here today and covering is comforting).

Whenever I put my mother to bed I blessed her: The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord look upon you with favor and give you peace.

There. I just put my hand on your forehead and blessed you, too.

Beautiful poem... thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic, inspired and wonder*full* 2014...and I think we need a Santa show off blog from sister!!

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