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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Your sketches are absolutely incredible!!

Any chance of a class making a book and painting and sketching and perhaps instagram/ipad app pics in too - CLASS with the monkey queen? 1st January start??? New Year embrace?

Really loving your nature studies!

What an additional blessing is Dottie's professional perspective! She glows. Palliative care and hospice givers are extraordinary gifts to all of us. So much compassion undistorted by fear or attachment. Your momma is in a perfect place. How fortunate you all are to have built this network of love and wisdom. No matter how short, a long road is ahead. blessings to you all.

Lovely, lovely. What can I say? Lovely!

I love your illustrations - especially the shadows that make them pop off the page. Your sketchbook must be a relaxing pleasure to look through - so many happy moments recorded in vivid color. Thank you for sharing them with us.

You just get better and better, girl.

Carol's post was very good. Both of my parents have died and i, with my sister, took care of them right until the end with the help of hospice. I know that her post will be of great help for those who face this or while face it soon. You kids stick together, be good to yourselves and to each other and get as much joy and pleasure out of the time Angie has as you can. There will be sweet moments right until the end.

Your illustration work is getting extremely good - I'm impressed! And envious. Love the spruce and the blue shadows on the leaves.

Beautiful. Really superb.

I love these sketches! I am a true blue follower of your & your sister's blogs. I thought her posting today was spot on, compassionate, detailed, very on point. I mentioned that I am of a rather advanced age and want the same things as Angie at the end of my life. This has been discussed with my children and husband. Many questions regarding elder end of life care are addressed in her posting.

Bless you girls & brother for tending to your mother with such love and affection.

Beautiful pages you made

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