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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Drawing is such a struggle for me! I don't seem to have the natural knack for it, but when I see your beautiful sketches I feel inspired to try again. Love the shadows that you captured!

those came out really pretty! i love rose hips. they also make a nice tea (or so i've heard. i've bitten one but not made the tea.)

Oh my, I love this. Makes me want to try.

Great hips! xo

I love the way you sketch/paint ordinary things to help us see the beauty in them! my little sister was a great gatherer of twigs & rocks, i'm always thankful for people helping me to find & appreciate all this wonderful loveliness!

kindest thoughts

p.s I love your journals so!

Inspiring..... Thank you

The blend on that leaf is masterful. This makes me want to go paint. Or maybe go buy some Copics and then get to the sketchbook.

Looks really beautiful!!! I have always, always, always loved your work, and your blog is so very inspiring. Thanks for sharing what you do!!

Nicely done!!

You did a great job with the shadows on those rosehips. Makes them really pop off the page. It is true, the more you sketch, the better you get.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Your drawings and watercolors are awesome! Also really loved the flowers in yesterday's post, especially the dots and scissors to cut on!...I love to cut out stuff!!! So love your journaling style and your adventures, even to the park... it IS ALL AROUND US... the beauty to draw from! What I love most is THAT YOU DO IT and don't put it off...it seems to be like breathing for you...and for us who put it off, well we get fed by your posts and inspired to finally pick up our pens!! Your package is still sitting....I am SO BAD!! It will get there someday for you to keep or pitch! Maybe it is waiting for something else to go in it....been really really cold here!! Lucky you in glorious weather!! Have a great week! Blessings to you.

Wow you are really improving! Love those rose hips!

Additional note: i saw that you added Bloglovin and Feedly to assist in one's MAM following quest - now personally you probably know i just come by your electronic door every day, knock, and see if you and the cats are home. However, as i had no idea these sites even existed, I now feel as though i'm right on trend with at least being able to say words like "bloglovin" and "feedly." How progressive is that?


Damn girl, you're good!

I love shadows, too, and you did a great job of capturing those elusive rose hip shadows.

I like it!

Adore your 'hat' as basket mode of gathering. Of course what better place to carry such delicate cargo. I do so love your sketching, dreamy and delightful, making me grin and feel all goose-bumpy happy inside, the kind of feeling that can only be enjoyed with the eyes and the heart.

So lovely. You have a knack for putting a smile on my face. I also smiled today when I got the Tuesday club discount at Ross for 55 year olds, I told a small lie...and the cashier didn't card me...ha ha, I figure if he has to ask then I deserve it, don't tell anyone:)

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I hope you draw the hat full of your found treasures too!

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