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Thursday, December 05, 2013



How fun!!! I'm from Kanasa too! Cobly, clear out in the northwest corner.... Lawrence is an awesome town! Love your blog Mary Ann!!!

Love love love this post! Had me laughing then got so tender. Thank you!

Do you sketch with a pencil first or just plunge ahead with your pen? and what kind of pen do you use?

"Choose accordingly" if we all lived with this in mind, we would be happier and more peaceful.

And not agonize but accept the choices.

RIP Nelson.

Mary Ann, you are a wonderful example to us all to indeed follow our bliss. Some of the toughest advice I received when my mom passed away and my dad came to live with us was this: "you need to take care of the living, not the dying." This came from someone who I respected a lot and who was very thoughtful. She prefaced it with "you probably don't want to hear this....but." At the time my children were younger, so I was pulled in many directions. But I managed to do my best in caring for my dad with help from other family members until he passed and to care for my children as well. Now that both of my parents have passed, I find I am trying to balance family and art. But life is a constant balancing act, isn't it? A little cake with those veggies. A little net surfing and a walk on the beach. A teaching job with some late night pen and paper revelry. A bit of Kansas cold and a lovely lump of LA sunshine. What most of us need in the end is to feel loved from a letter or email, a hug or hand hold, or some face time. Even though my mother-in-law doesn't know who I am, she is always happy to see me and hold hands while we talk and laugh about how neither of us can remember things so well anymore. And that's just what we both need: to feel loved no matter what.

I for one, thank you for bringing some chill back from Kansas with you...about time we have some COOL!
Glad you're home safe and sound. Enjoy!

Glad to have you back, but did you have to bring the Lawrence weather with you? xo

wonderous-mus journal pages as always Mary Ann. I LOVE the idea of sneaking into one another's sketch books and grading them...what a hoot. Um we got slammed yesterday by an arctic blast, cold, snow, the whole shebang as it were so you are lucky you got out when ya did. I personally like a good dose of snow and cold as it keeps me on my toes and gives me an excuse to stay indoors and play in my visual journal, not that I need an excuse but when the streets have not been plowed, when one gets stuck leaving her driveway and not even completely making it into the street, well if I did need an excuse, that would be a really good one to use. Welcome home!!!!!Say hi to the cat posse!

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