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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


What a lovely story and a burrito picnic to top it off! This morning I finished up my Christmas cards!! I had decided not to send cards this year and then I saw this wonderful photo of paper cut snowflakes filling a large window. Thank you Pinterest. I printed them up and then the fun started - silver glitter every where and even some on the cards. Added a little red vintage label with "believe" neatly hand written. I have everything ready to mail. I wonder what they will think when they open the cards? Or when I go to the PO today - crazy retired lady with the glitter on her face? Looking out at a snowy day today and dreaming of a walk in a park with cushy grass. Thanks for putting that in my head....
Best to you.

A good day, all in all.
I worked most of the day. Got to look down a little old lady's gullet and teach her to swallow safely AND THEN! a miracle happened. One of my favorites stroked out last week and completely lost her ability to speak. She came in to see me and I peered into her little brown eyes and saw she was still in there. On a hunch I brought her my laptop and she very slowly typed "I'm fine, but I'm better now." I cried.

I stopped by JCPenneys to buy some fuzzy stuff at a deep discount, made green bean casserole a la Trader Joes, took it to mom's for dinner. Ate a bunch of meatloaf and now tucked in to bed outfitted in my new fuzzy stuff. At this very moment I'm intensely curious about your salvation at the hands of a lacy pink mushroom. I tried that once in the 70's and puked on my birkenstocks. Tell me everything.

Thawing out over a latte at the Llama, xo

Well, yesterday - since I'm reading this on Thurs. - I tried to hack the ice off the walkway so I wouldn't break my neck, dropped the newsletter I do off to be printed, left my sick parrot at the vet (sob), went to the doctor for a check-up, got gas (in my car), made dinner (like in warming up leftovers) and then went to the creativity group I lead. Mixed bag. Love, love your sketches and commentary! You always make me smile. And don't think about snacking on your toadstools! Stick to the burritos.

I celebrated our 9th anniversary with hubby by seeing the movie The Black Nativity. If you want to feel good ... see it! Dinner at Cheesecake Factory - wild mushroom soup. So good. Skipped the cheesecake. You have reminded me that I need a trek to Central Park (in Huntington Beach, CA) to visit the ducks.

I washed and folded five loads of clothes... yes, I had really put it off...but in my new smaller wash room I have things I love to look at that I have collected and it is the most pleasant washroom I have ever had. It also looks out to the new small garden with my cabbage, strawberries, and lettuce that did not freeze.... and in the back of the yard I see the huge live oak tree probably a few hundred years old...and a view of my shed with an old tall lattice garden thing I made in 1998 with turquoise and blue enamel speckled pots hanging on the side of the building...very colorful! I never enjoyed ironing and washing clothes until I moved here and got this cute little room with a view to wash in!! I even folded everything as if I worked in the clothing department at Macy's!!! I must have been desperate to do something creative!! Love that you got to have a great day at the park!!! We have a park here that I haven't visited yet!! Hmmmm....have a blessed week!!!

Worked today, chose photos for my 2014 calendar Christmas presents & took them to the print shop, wrote out a few Christmas cards, complained about this freezing snowy weather we're having (aargh). These MAM journal pages were just what I needed to see. Ommm.

Lol, my grandson is 6 1/2. He has conversations like that, luckily, with me often. I'm so blessed to share in his developing mind. Nothing bets it!!

I read him you story about the boys and he said "well, I want to go to that park and play with those boys. I bet they'd be fun!"

This reminds me of that post you did called A MAN WITH A HAIRNET MADE MY LUNCH.

your day sounds utterly delightful. I had to smile about finding the perfect bench for your tush...indeed, one needs to find one for the perfect fit otherwise one fidgets and fusses and you can't enjoy where you've sat and if relaxin' is the point one must be comfortable, simple as that. :)

I love your sketches of nature bits from Lacy Park, and imagining your burrito picnic and soft grass is very nice. Our road was plowed late yesterday of 10" of new snow, so today I went out to get several days' worth of mail at the post office and drop off trash at the dump (no mail delivery or trash pick-up in the mountains.) Played in the snow with the dog, too, of course! ;)

I walked the dog, rescued the postman from the same embarasing dog, painted umbrellas For Woodford folk festival, then I went to work in the operating theatre.

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