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Monday, December 09, 2013


Beautiful sketches!!! I love to sketch nature!

I agree that this is luscious and brilliant! A burst of color for those of us who are, shall we say, devoid of such glorious rich color at this time of year.
It was a bright spot in my day to see your hibiscus-and the corsage is something only you would think of!

Your sketches are so enjoyable, partly because of the consistency of your out put. You keep doing it and doing it, and of course you gain facility but you are also growing an absolutely charming body of work.
I often shake my head at the wonder of you.

Hey Missy Moss. I'm am strapping on my extra large and extra heavy duty wings, need the heavy duty ones to make it over the mountains in the winter, we've got snow here, it's below zero and some of your chili and cornbread sounds perfectly divine right about now. Be there in oh, say maybe 3 days or so, depends on the direction of the wind or if I accidentally don't make clearance over the rockies, sometimes I don't see them until it's too late...guess I should never attempt 'texting' while flying...not a good idea...it's such a dog gone hard bad habit to break...;) I'm there in spirit if nothing else. YUM!!!!!!

hello MAM, like Your cutout flowers =) and I have the twinsister to Your Fiskars. But I have lost the loginword on FTB, how do I solve that=)HELP, I need HELP please MAM......and we have snow here in Sweden

Okay, now I've got a craving for chili and cornbread, which would be perfect on this chilly (pun intended) December morning! Wishing I was at home cooking and drawing and eating instead at work but thanks for sharing!

At least the paper hibiscus corsage won't shrivel in this cold, good thinking

Only you would think of a way to make a nice sketch into, well, comical and fabulous sketch of orange flowers. I might have forgotten the first run at this pretty orange flower, but make it into a cut out corsage? Now that's freaking funny! And thus unforgettable.

Love your hibiscus. The chili is great. Here, you can have some of the scrumptious chocolate cake I made for Husband's birthday. He won't notice any missing if we put what's left on a smaller plate.

Your life is a beautiful book! Love, love, love, totally love the flowers. I can bring a pound of butter and homemade blackberry jam for the corn bread, if I came over.

Doh! I wrote poppies but MEANT hibiscus! Was THINKING how cool, color like poppies! Is it Christmas vacation yet? LOL

yoho.....providence ri is due for significant snow tomorrow, and i stocked on chili ingredients today so as to enjoy a chilifest manana. I am not a fan of really spicy chili, but have a big collection of cornbread receipts (that's new england talk for "recipes"). My favorite is from the 1149 restaurant in Providence, and if you google "ll49 restaurant corn bread") you can enjoy it too. No added corn of any type, just good buttermilk bread, slightly sweet. We have a ton of gluten intolerant family members, so I have made it by simply substituting almond flour for regular flour.Well, enough of this corny conversation.

So cool! Did you use watercolors to color the flowers? or your Copics here as well?

Wow chili and poppies at the same time! Yum and beautiful! Mmmm cornbread!

Too pretty and creative and clever, MAM!

I LOVE the paper hibiscus corsages! Happy, cheerful, makes me think of hot tropical islands and not the deep freeze that is the Seattle area. (And just back from Porland, OR E gon, which was even colder....) Thanks for the blast of warmth. I needed that!


I so LOVE reading and looking at the gorgeous pics and your paintings.....you are so talented.....................

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